Saudi teacher awards the top student of the class with SR 1

It is often seen in many schools that top and bright students are awarded special gifts or scholarships to motivate them for their studies. However, many time teachers are also seen awarding some students of their class to motivate them to study hard and give a good result.

Bright students are always awarded special gifts in every institute and they always make rounds online. But this case is quite different.  A Saudi school in the Kingdom awarded its top and high achieving students with 1-riyal coupon to buy food from the school cafeteria.

Hence it was a motivational step carried out by the class teacher on her own expenses but it expressed anger, sarcasm, and fun from the people.

Somehow the students were awarded 1-riyal voucher just to enjoy the fruit of their hard work but the coupon photo was captured and posted online as it usually happens everywhere in the present world.

Soon the voucher image started circulating all over the Saudi Twitter account. People reacted to the picture ridiculed the school and its staff for this act. The one Riyal coupon started circulating all over Saudi social media which reflected an intense meltdown and the Saudi’s burst to comment on the image.

Majority stood upset by the behavior of school authority while others were shocked to see this reward and left a question, is this their reward? Some people said that the children should not be awarded money while others said that it might be a good reason to motivate them but just 1 riyal is not enough.

You should make it at least two or more because 1 riyal is embarrassing for them. There were also many people who sarcastically commented, one riyal is too much the school should award them with half a riyal.

Some people humorously reacted saying during their time the school provided them with 10 riyals but now they have turned this to 1. It means the economic situation has also affected the school reward it is clearly understood that they have added the tax to the gift.

Some said rather than giving them voucher the school should have given those cash or have rewarded them with an appreciation certificate.

Many reacted angrily while there were also some people who said 1 riyal might not have any value to them but the aim of giving money to the students was to bring joy and motivate them to continue with their great works.

The value of the reward lies in the meaning, not in the money. The reward was given to motivate student this was a personal gesture that was paid to the student by their teacher and they should thank them for their gentleness rather than making them ridiculed by everyone.

Whatever people say, I believe that the effort to reward students was a good one. Instead of paying SR 1, they could offer the student with chocolates or something else in the same cost.