6 Beautiful Places to Visit in Yanbu, Saudi Arabia

Yanbu is a western city located in the province of Madina. It is labeled as an important Red Sea port. It lies at a distance 350 km in the north of Jeddah. Yanbu exhibits a diverse population. Most residents are non-Saudis.

Most of the Yanbu is inhabited by Asians and people belonging to Europe and the Middle East. It has a very significant place in history. It was Yanbu from where spices were exported from Yemen to Egypt.

It dates backs to 2500 years from now. Also, Yanbu was an operational base during the World War 1. The British and Arabs used it to combat against the Ottoman Empire. Lawrence of Arabia has been a significant figure in this regard.

1-Yanbu beaches: Yanbu exhibits beaches which are unique of their own kind. The beaches attract everyone as they possess soft sand. The water that is pure refreshes everyone who comes to visit.

Not only one is amazed by the outlook of the beaches, but also has a great underwater experience as there is a great variety of Marianne life living under the deep and clean water.

The red sea exhibits fish and another organism of different colors and size. Along with the stones, coral reefs and unique variety of marine life, the underwater experience becomes delightful. A lot many people come here to capture their experience underwater and you will find much practicing underwater photography!

2-Sharm Yanbu: Sharm Yanbu is located in the north. It is a coastal city that people love to visit because of abundant resorts there and availability of sports like diving, safari, and yachting.

3-Al-Suwaiq Village: The beautiful Suwaiq Village is another great destination at Yanbu. It is the area where caravans that hold trade and pilgrims meet.

These pilgrims are usually those who come through sea or land routes. Al Suwaiq village is also known as the Monday market.

4-Industrial Yanbu: Yanbu was first just a seaport, but in 1975 government initiated an industrial process there. It now serves as an important industrial base for the country.

The Industrial Yanbu is a city worth visiting. It has houses designed by great architects and many refineries are located here. It is still undergoing development at a great speed.

5-Musmak Maritime Hall: This is not an ordinary hall; it is a hall through which one can experience the sea view. In this hall, major events can be conducted like exhibitions, seminars, and conference

6-Flower Festival: If you are visiting Yanbu during the month of March or generally in the spring season, you can visit Flower Festival in the city of Yanbu. The Yanbu flower festival holds the world record of largest flower carpet.

Yanbu Diving:  Diving in Yanbu is a must to do the activity. One can dive over 1,930 km and experience fine coral reefs. Also, the deep sea that goes through Yemen to Jordan houses 450 marine species. A lot of adventure is waiting for you at Yanbu!

Desert Safari:  Desert Safari can be experienced at Sharm Yanbu. The sand dunes enable to have a great safari experience.

Yachting and water sports:  Yachting and water sports wait for the water lovers at the north of Yanbu. Watersports experience here would surely be the best one!