10 Reasons Why 2018 is Set to be a Landmark Year for Women in Saudi Arabia

Since the Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman is appointed as the young leader of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, He aimed to transform the Kingdom and a lot of Changes have already been taken place and many steps were also taken to promote women’s rights.

Under his vision 2030, the Kingdom is rapidly undergoing some great positive economic changes an all these ambitious changes have steered Kingdom future to a new direction and the whole world is waiting to witness the upcoming changes.

This very year is said to be a good and a strong year for Saudi women as the young Prince is trying to drag the ultra-conservative Kingdom to a moderate one and the Kingdom has already witnessed the expansion in women’s rights.

Following points reveal that Saudi Arabia is on the right track and correct direction as far as awarding rights to women are concerned. We truly needed young blood in the country governance like MBS.

1-Soon in June 2018, the ban on women driving is expected to lift after the Royal decree in September 2017 and the day is not too far when we will be able to see women driving cars on roads along with the men and they will be able to toot their horns and whilst doing the school run.

2-Commercial cinemas theaters are now open and are freely showing all types of movies and all the citizens are freely allowed to go to the cinema.

3-Saudi Arabia is voted into the United Nation women rights commission and this has made the Kingdom as one of 45 countries which are working to promote women rights and empowerment.

4-Saudi has given rights to its women to celebrate their official women day on 1st February because International women day is not all enough for Saudi women.

5-Princess Reema bint Bandar is paving the way for Saudi girls and women to embrace sports events after being appointed by the deputy for planning and development at the general sports authority President of Saudi of Saudi Arabian Mass Participation Federation. Public schools in the Kingdom have also introduced PE for girls.

6-Saudi Arabia is the First country in the world that gave citizenship to the robot. It issued a green passport to its first humanoid robot Sophia.

7-The biggest change in the Kingdom, a woman became responsible for Saudi’s $439 Billion Stock exchange. Sarah Al Suhaimi was made chairperson for Saudi Stock exchange, which is the largest stock exchange in the Middle East.

8-Saudi social media addicts now don’t have to worry about having a global following because Saudi Arabias 33 million of the population is under 30 so potentially you could have as many followers if you tap into trending sites.

9-Saudi National days was celebrated with full enthusiast and passion like no other ever celebrated. The General Entertainment authority collected thousands of Saudi’s on the streets of Tahlia and exciting firework shows, parade and live Dj performance were performed.

10-Bill Gates recently collaborated with the Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman MISK Foundation to fund ideas aimed to improve education and eradicate poverty from the Kingdom.