How Dubai reunited a Pakistani driver with his parents after 6 years?

People from many south Asian countries prefer to move to the Middle East mostly to Dubai and Saudi Arabia just to earn some pennies for their family and to improve their living.

However, after moving from their home country, they have to suffer a lot and they have to work day and night to provide a better living standard to their family.

The relatives at their back are least bothered about their suffering and struggling in a foreign country and they sacrifice their own happiness and life for their family.

Something similar was reported in this case. A young Driver Tahir Ayoub who was 21 when he left his country Pakistan and moved to UAE six years ago.

During all this time he worked hard as a driver and could not manage to save some money to move back to his country even for a short period. All this happened because he was running short of money during all this period. This is really upsetting and painful feeling.

However, after six long years, he was able to meet his parents for the first time. But how did this happen? The story is quite heart touching.

In the light of Mother’s day and International day of happiness, The UAE’S Directorate of Residence and Foreign Affairs helped to reunite the driver with his family with whom he cannot meet for six long years due to the lack of funds.

It was Tahir’s luck that his parents were transiting in Dubai on their way to Makkah for their Umrah pilgrimage. His employer in Sharjah knew about it and he talked with the UAE’s directorate to arrange a special meeting between the parents and their son at the airport.

A video was made by the Directorate during the scene of the emotional meetup. The video is filled with emotions, love and tear welling. We can see the parents meeting and embracing their son after six years. 

I could not stop my tears from watching the beautiful love filled video. We cannot even imagine the feelings of the parents and the son. This relation is priceless and feelings can never be defined in words.

This video was shared by the Directorate of UAE residence and foreign affairs on social media and it soon became a headline. Ayoub described there is a special place for his mother in his heart, and he could not do anything but only cry upon seeing his mother.

He was upset that he couldn’t spend mother day with her but was happy at the same time that his wish to see her mother came true. He recalled the incident and said you will only understand your mother love when she is not around you.

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Source: Al Arabiya

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