Who was the Egyptian Expatriate killed by Houthi Missile Attack in Riyadh?

As we all know that Iran-backed Houthis militias launched seven ballistic missiles at several cities of Saudi Arabia on March 26, 2018, targeting some populated areas of the Kingdom.

The capital city Riyadh was also hit by these missiles including some Southern cities of Khamis, Mushait, Jizan, and Najran but fortunately, Saudi forces were able to intercept and destroy these missiles in a deadly escalation on the eve of the third anniversary of the Saudi-led coalition intervention in Yemen.


It was reported the Houthi rebel fired three missiles on the capital city of Riyadh. However, one heartbreaking incident was reported that occurred by the Houthi missile.

An Egyptian man was killed and two others were injured during this tragic incident. Who is the Egyptian man that was killed by the Houthi missile on Saudi Arabia?

According to some initial reports and information obtained from Egyptian community members in Saudi Arabia showed that the victim’s full name is Abdelmontaleb Ahmad Hussin Ali, who worked as a contractor in Saudi Arabia and belonged from Upper Egypt region.

The victim was living with two other Egyptians colleagues in a room on the last floor of the building where Houthi Missile fell on Sunday night.

One of the members of the Egyptian Community said that the victim was having his dinner with his brother and friend when the missile fell on the building.

This caused an immediate death of the man while his friend and brother was injured severely and were taken to the hospital.

Soon after his death, the Egyptian Embassy was informed to begin the process to transfer his dead body back to his homeland Egypt. Sincere condolence was paid by the Egyptian Foreign Ministry to the victim’s family while wishing for a speedy recovery of the injured people.

Arab Coalition Spokesman Turki Al Malki said, by committing this violent and hostile action, the Iran-backed Houthi group has proven that the Iranian regime continues to support the armed group with military capabilities and these firing of multiple ballistic missiles toward crowded cities is a serious change.

However, the man who was killed and two wounded were Egyptian nationals.

This is not the first time Houthis have attacked the holy land with missiles. They have tried to target Makkah, Jeddah Airport, Riyadh Airport and now many different cities with missiles. However, this is the first life loss reported out of all these malicious attempts.

Source: Al Arabiya