This meteor that struck the land of Saudi Arabia 52 years ago

Some five decades ago a meteorite struck the land of Saudi Arabia. The meteorite is a solid piece of debris from a comet, asteroid or meteoroid that originate in the outer space and found its way to enter in the atmosphere around the earth.

However, now this news is highlighted again after 52 years. You might be upset that why I am talking about 52 years?  It was brought to attention some 52 years ago when a National Geographic team visited the site of meteorite called Wabar in the Empty Quarter.

They documented the spatial object and also took some high-resolution pictures which are now going viral. The vast deserts of Saudi Arabia are known as Empty Quarter and are one of the most desolate places on the Earth.

The pictures of the special rock were taken by American's magazine photographer Thomas J. Abercrombie which stood as a focal point of interest for many research teams. The top section of 3 to 5-ton meteorite matter is currently displayed at the National Museum of Saudi Arabia.

All this happened when a British explorer St. John Philby visited Saudi Arabia in 1932 when he was searching for the city named Ubar which was defined in Quran that it was destroyed because its people defied their Prophet Hud. 

Philpy uses to call that place as Wabar. During his exploration, he was given a piece of rock by Bedouins to which he discovered that this spatial piece does not belong to this earth.

After the studies conducted on this rock by Abdul Aziz Bin Laanboun who was a Geology Professor at King Saud University claimed that Wabar struck earth almost 400 years ago. It was there for 400 years but was discovered later by Philby’s exploration.

Labour also said that this meteor incident is an absurd one because when a meteorite strikes earth it is as powerful as a nuclear explosion. 

Source: Saudi Gazette

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