Muslim Women can dance for their husband – Sheikh Abdullah

Sheikh Abdullah al Mane’e is a religious scholar and a longtime member of the Kingdom’s Muslim scholar authority who is now ridiculed for his saying that a Muslim woman can dance for her husband.

However, this is indeed a weird statement to be delivered by the religious scholar and what made him issue this statement, the argument arose here.

The fact is clear and known to everyone that he delivered this statement in an answer to a question whether it is halal for a wife to dance for her husband, which was asked by someone to which he replied.

It is permissible for a woman to dance for her husband but only under the condition that comes in line with Islamic rulings and there are two main conditions that should be applied to this case.

1-One is that the woman should not be seen dancing by anyone other than her husband

2-Second is the woman should dance without the Music.

This statement started circulating on social media causing a controversy among the people. People started ridiculing and trolling the cleric while other defended him saying it is not the cleric’s fault but the person was wrong who asked him such silly question

Many people stated that the cleric’s statement is portraying women as slaves.  Many women argued and said religious does not only govern women. There were many people who did not take this edict seriously and laughed at his saying.

Some trolled him saying a woman should dance in silence. However, we don’t need any religious edict on this statement. Our religion has already defined the rights of every individual including husband and wife.

All we need is to implement them in our lives and follow them, and if we follow them, there will be no need to ask such silly questions. However, the question that was asked to cleric was seriously very meaningless.

I have seen many people who like to ridicule and troll other by asking them silly questions and then they usually make fun of their saying and I think the same happened in this case. 

In my personal opinion, there is nothing wrong with the statement issued by the Saudi Cleric. Islam teaches us that there is no veil between Husband and wife. The other condition also makes sense as Music has been declared Haram in Islam. Islam is a liberal religion you just need to know it well.