SR 20,000 for every expat working in the Car Rental Office

It was reported that the Ministry of Labor and Social development is working to apply Saudization in the Kingdom to provide better job opportunities to its unemployed citizens.

Now it has ordered all the car rental offices staffs in the Kingdom about the decision of Saudization in car rental offices and if they fail to do so they will be fined SR 20,000 for each expatriate worker in their offices.  

The amount of fine will increase if the same expatriate worker is found again in the same office.

The decision of 100% Saudization of Jobs at all 650 car rental offices was applied on Sunday 18th March 2018. This was the last deadline and after they will set inspection visit and the violators will be heavily fined.

It was a clear order to all the car rental staffs to nationalize all the jobs including accounts, supervision, sales, delivery, and return. 

The Ministry is also working to provide support to Saudis through training and rehabilitation and are also helping all the Saudi youngsters with technical and financial support to help them to start their own business.

The Ministry of Labor and social development announced to investigate and set inspection visits and if they find any expatriate worker working in such field they will impose fine in collaboration with the Ministry of Commerce and Investment, the municipalities and the police.

Bandar Al Jabri, chairman of the transport committee of the Eastern Province Chamber of Commerce and Industry (EPCCI) said the car rental offices who have five or more than five branches in the Kingdom will have to reduce their two or three branches to cut the expenses.

He believes the offices will increase the car rental prices in view of current changes taking place in the Kingdom along with the increase in oil prices, electricity tariff and water and also the rising cost of car maintenance and increasing price of its spare parts.

Saeed al-Basmi, the deputy chairman of the National Transport Committee said the car rental sector has already implemented on the decision of Saudization and a large number of its jobs are already nationalized. The volume of investment in this sector has increased from SR 500 million.

It is an advice to all the expatriates working in Saudi Arabia to not to continue jobs in this sector. If Jawazat catches you there, it will not only impose SR 20,000 fine on the office but deport you as well.

Source: Saudi Gazette