Dear Customer, you have won a prize of SR 50,000 from Lulu Hypermarket

If you are an expat and living in Saudi Arabia, you might be aware of fake and fraudster messages that are being received by many expatriates in the Kingdom. These scam messages include winning prize money, gold or lottery.

Many people are falling victim to such scam messages and calls and they are totally unaware that these calls and messages are fake and will bring loss to them.

However, telecom operators, police officials, and media reporters are already working to warn the people and stop them from becoming a victim to such scammers.

It is for your good not to believe in these type of calls and messages because people who blindly believed and responded to such messages have faced a huge loss.

As I said that many expats believed in these scammers and faced a huge loss which is not less than a nightmare for them. Very recently two Indian Women who are working as nurses in the Southern city became victim to these fake scammers.

They responded to these calls and believed in the caller saying after which they had to face a huge monetary loss. There is nothing bad to say that human beings are greedy and his greed for money will never fulfill no matter how rich he is.

Most people who are living far away from their homeland and working to earn money for their families, for them every single penny bears a great importance. It was said that the two women lost about their 13,000 Saudi Riyals for trusting in such fake messages.

The two Victims received separate calls through a calling mobile app where a stranger who was talking in Urdu, informed them they had won a lottery prize of 2 million Saudi Riyal.

This was a huge prize and was just like a dream come true for those who are living and working in Saudi Arabia far away from their homeland just to earn and save some pennies for their future.

The man on the phone asked the nurses to provide their bank details and OTP (One Time Password) in order to claim their lottery prize.  This news made them overexcited.  

They were educated and mature enough to understand such scams but unfortunately, they fell for this. The women happily gave their bank details to the caller and waited for their prize.

In spite of receiving their prize money, they lost their savings. This is indeed sad to hear that one of the nurses lost her SR 7,000 while other faced a loss of her SR 6,000 savings. This money was used to pay SADAD bills for a data sim which was used in other foreign countries.

It was reported that the scammers are experts in GSM technology and were targeting different expats of the Kingdom without leaving any trace to their access.

On the other hand, many people are reporting to receive such fake WhatsApp call and messages from various registered numbers where the caller claim that the receiver had won a prize of 2000,000 Saudi Riyals or 500 grams’ gold and anyone can easily fall for it.

These scammers are using the names of STC, Mobily and Lulu Exchange for the fraud. It was reported by Jeddah police that they have raided some dens in mountainous areas of Jeddah from where they arrested 12 Pakistanis nationals who were involved in such lottery fraud cases.

The police also found some 58 sim cards of different networks along with mobile phone devices that were hidden at the place. In another case, the police reported having arrested a Bangladeshi worth 150 registered sim cards on various telecom networks.