6 Beautiful Places to Visit in Al Ula, Saudi Arabia

Al Ula is officially affiliated with the prestigious city, Madinah. The small city has very little population residing in. The city lies at the end of the Wadi Al Qura.

The city has possessed archeological and historical facts. Some of the things found in the city relate to Prophet PBUH. Some antiques date back to the time before Holy Prophet PBUH.

Archeological facts prove that civilizations before Islam like Minean and Lihyanite used to reside in the city. Dedanite inscriptions and tombs that are of the pre-Islamic time period are also found from here. 

The name Al Ula was given to the city in the Islamic era, before that it was known as Dedan. Dedan was an important city as it served as a center of pre-Islamic civilizations.

There are some major attractions in Al Ula. The city is rich in tombs and rock art. Here are the places one shall visit while he/she goes to Al Ula:

1-Discover Madain Saleh: Madain Saleh is a historical site. The tombs of the civilization are still there which depict the lifestyle of the Nabateans. The art and architecture of the tomb portray their wealth.

The archeologists believe that the tombs were carved out between 1BC to 75 AD. The tombs are of two types: individual tombs and group tombs.

The tombs are very interesting to discover. They have listed information inside the tomb and have carved out figures. The inscriptions found inside the tomb disclose information about the owner, his family, occupation and the heirs.

The tombs also have an informative note that throws light on the lifestyle of the owner, his story of death, his social status and significance and the legal limits of tomb disposal. The mason who carves out the tomb often signed the inscriptions. 

The tomb inscriptions note information on the life and death of the owner, including names, social status, burial rites and legal limits on disposal of The tomb and are often signed by the masons who carved the tomb.

Some tombs belong to the militants whose names have Greek origin. These tombs are easy to identify as their tombs are decorated with lines and geometrical patterns at the outer side. The tombs hunt would be a great piece of adventure and learning!

2-Khuraybat Al-Ula: The Khuraybat Al Ula is just 4 km away from the city of Al Ula. Khuraybat Al Ula, like Al Ula, is rich in history and antiques. The area consists of tombs with interesting inscriptions upon it.

The tombs are identified to belong of ancient civilizations of Minean, Dedanite, and Lihyanite. There are temples, rocks and other buildings of ancient times at Khuraybat Al Ula.

3-Mahalab Al Naqa (She-Camel's Cistern): Mahalab Al Naqa is located at the North West of Al-Khuraybat al Ula. The cistern is carved in a rock which is believed to belong to Prophet Saleh’s camel.

4-Inscriptions of Jebel Al-Akma: Located at a distance of 2.5 km in North West direction of -Khuraybah is the beautiful archaeological area known as the Jebel Al Akma. There are ancient inscriptions that disclose interesting information.

5-Elephant Rock: elephant rock is an interesting place to visit and one can hold camping there as well. At the North of Al Ula at a distance of 11km lies the Elephant Rock.  It is a monolith rock made of soft and red sandstones. 

6-The Islamic Fort: The Islamic fort is made up of strong and thick walls. It is made to protect the Hajj pilgrims. Its second story s close and one can see outside in every direction.

The windows and doors are of rectangular shape. However, the arches at the fort give it an Arabic touch. You ought to discover the tomb of Madain Saleh while you visit the city of Al Ula.

Also, there is a great opportunity to experience camping in the deserts and to undergo desert Safari. There is a resort destiny at Hijaz Railway. Enjoy your visit at Al Ula!

7-Al Mabiyat VillageTindaidhib Al Fadhi, a history researcher in Madinah stated that the Al Mabiyat Village had been considered as the second most important city in the Hejaz region of Makkah, at the time of the eighth century.

2533 A Visit to the 2000 Years old Al Mabiyat Village in Al Ula, Saudi Arabia