Abaya is not necessary for women – Saudi Crown Prince

Saudi Arabia is changing

Since the time Mohammad bin Salman has been appointed as the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, he aimed to transform Saudi Arabia into a stable and strong Kingdom in the Middle East.

We know that Saudi Women have been allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia since 24 June 2018 which is a revolutionary step.

Now when the changes are taking place in the Kingdom, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman submissively issued another statement during his interview with the CBS television in the United States.

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No Need to wear Abaya

In his statement, he said, it is not necessary for women to wear an Abaya. Abaya is a long loose dressing, full-length robes that Muslim women consider to wear over their clothes symbolic of Islamic piety.

He said they should wear decent attire that covers their body and the decision is up to them to choose a decent and respectful dress for themselves.

Young prince expressed that the Islamic laws are very clear and stipulated that women wear decent and respectful clothing like men and this particular does not specify that they should wear a black Abaya or a black covering on their head.

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Up to Women to decide

The decision is left for the women to choose a respectful attire to wear, said the young Prince. His words are hailed as proof of a new liberal trend towards modernization and transformation of the Kingdom.

There is no Legal Code

Now in this present time, Saudi women are seen wearing more colorful Abayas rather than following their old tradition of wearing the only black Abaya. They have been wearing light blues and pink in stark contrast with black. Some women are also seen without any abaya and no legal authority stops them or asks them to wear an abaya.

Open Abayas over the skirts and jeans are also trending in the ultra-conservative Kingdom. All these changes are witnessed with the rise of the bold climate of social freedoms when the young 33-year-old Crown Prince was appointed.


On March 8, a group of women was witnessed in the Saudi city of Jeddah marked International Women’s Day by working out on one of their newly attained freedoms; the right to go for a jog without paying any attention to bemused onlookers.

The citizens of the Kingdom hope to visualize some more modern changes in the Kingdom, as well as the whole world eyes, are also on the Kingdom as many changes are occurring along with the vision 2030.

Source: Gulf News

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