5 Beautiful Places to Visit in Al-Qassim, Saudi Arabia

Al Qassim is Saudi Arabia’s one of the most important regions. The province lies in the middle of Arabian Peninsula. The rich in agriculture province is a great source of food for the country. Due to its abundant agricultural production, it is regarded as an agricultural asset of the country.

The city of Buraidah is the capital of the province, Al Qassim. The city has absorbed 49% of the province’s population. Being highly populous, it is declared as the seventh largest city in the Kingdom regarding population.

AL Qassim is rich in heritage, food, and culture. It possesses essential nonmetals such as marble, salt, plaster, and kaolin.

Thereby there are many factories set up in the province which produces chemicals, cement, material required for building, clothes and of course food processing.

The city also possesses largest pharmaceutical factory in the Middle East. It also hosts biggest fishing farm that packs about 1000 ton of fish every day! It is indeed an amazing country that is worth visiting.

01-Desert Safari: The eastern part of the province, Nafud, exhibits sand dunes. These sand dunes cover 15% of the total area and are great for holding sports. So those who are found of Tat’aees shall definitely visit the place!

02-Village of Ashiqr:  The village is rich in culture and heritage. One is amazed to see the mud houses still standing there in a great condition. There are mountains which give a pleasant view.

Also, the village is equipped with parks, halls, play area for children and other recreational spots.

03-Prince Abdullah Sports Complex:  Visiting Al Qassim and not visiting the Prince Abdullah Sports Complex would not be fair. It is indeed a great sports complex that stretches around an area of 160000 square kilometers. It is considered as a great gift for sports lovers.

04-The Pilgrim & Trade Routes of Buraidah: The traditional and rich in heritage city is also equipped with the Pilgrim and trade routes. The city used to host caravans for a century. Al-Qassim and Unayzah had the privilege to be the spot where the four caravan’s route converged.

05-Camel market: Al Qassim is not only rich in agriculture, but also it is featured to possess a great number of camels. The city hosts the largest camel market around the world. The festivals are held at different locations which tend to attract a great many tourists.

06-Hiking and leisure: For those who seek leisure through parks and sports can’t afford to not visit Al Qassim. The sports complex is one of the best assets of the city. Also, the city is equipped with parks that are full of entertainment.

These parks are not ordinary, they are built on an area of 49,000 sq. Km. they are not equipped with simple swings and all: they exhibit waterfalls, swimming pools, playgrounds, fountains and a lot of many things!

07-Governor's Office:  Those who have taste in architect shall visit the Governor’s office residing there. It is a remarkable creation!

08-Amusement Center: Amusement Center is amazing. It is located at AL Nakheel Mall. It would be a great treat for kids.

09-Shopping: Visit Geant shopping mall: a mall equipped with international brands. Have a great time there when you visit Al Qassim.