What was written in the letters sent by Prophet Muhammad S.A.W to several Kings?

Prophet Muhammad (peace and prayer be upon him) was sent down to guide the mankind. His PBUH mission was to spread the teachings of Islam and Allah’s message to the world. He PBUH was sent down in Arab. However, Islam was to spread all around the world.

Due to restricted travel modes at that time, Prophet PBUH could not visit different nations and spread teachings of Islam. Alternatively, he sent down letters to various Kings and leaders of different nations. These letters were an open invitation to Islam.

These leaders were the ones who belonged to non-Arab countries. We are lucky that we still have these letters and we can read it. The images of these letters have been attached below as well.  

The original copies of the letters rest in the Madina Museum that is located in Saudi Arabia while the some of the letters are displayed in the major city Istanbul of Turkey.  So here we are going to brief you about those letters which were addressed to different leaders by the Holy Prophet PBUH.

In the Hijri’s 6th year, Holy Prophet PBUH sent a letter to Al Muqawqis who was then Egyptian ruler. The subject of the letter was to accept Islam. The ruler was told that if he would convert his religion to Islam and believe in Allah, he would enjoy bounties.

His rewards shall be doubled by Allah Almighty. A verse from The Quran was also quoted in the letter. Below is the image of the letter.

History reveals that the According to some historical narratives, the King of Persia, Chosroes did not revert to Islam, rather he tore the letter into pieces. When the Holy Prophet PBUH was informed about the behavior of Chosroes, He PBUH informed that Chosroes has asked for his destruction.

He PBUH however died shortly after the event however people witnessed that the empire of Chosroes weakened soon.

All these letters were sent down to them so that they would be introduced to Islam. The letters were ended with a similar closing statement which said that if they did not revert to Islam, they shall carry the burden of sins of their followers. Below is the letter Prophet Muhammad S.A.W sent to Najashi, the King of Ethiopia at that time.

These letters are a great Islamic asset for us; they have been addressed by the Holy Prophet PBUH himself. These letters guide us that how one shall introduce someone towards Islam and what is the proper way of preaching. Following letter was sent to Munzir ibn Sawa Al Tamimi, the King of Bahrain.

Other letters sent by the Holy Prophet PBUH were towards the following Kings and leaders. We have also attached pictures of these letters. The following letter was sent to the Muqawqis of Egypt.

Prophet Muhammad S.A.W also sent a letter to the Hercules of Roman Empire to preach him about Islam and invite him to convert to Islam. You can find this letter below.

Source: Al Arabiya

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