Saudi Police arrested a driver who sexually harassed a disabled girl

A video was posted on social media on Sunday that caused a stir on social media. The viral video showed that a taxi driver of some app-based ride-hailing was trying to harass a girl who suffered from communication disability.

The driver was a mentally sick person who tried to abuse a disabled girl. Normal people always try to respect and help such disable people rather than causing any harm to them.

Soon after this video went viral, the Attorney General Sheikh Al-Mojeb issued an arrest warrant against the driver and also ordered the police to trace the driver and launch an investigation to find out the truth behind this video.

Police followed the orders of the Attorney general and arrested a 30-year-old driver of an app based ride-hailing in Madina on Monday.

Husain Al-Qahtani, spokesman for Madina police said, “We followed up the case, identified the driver, traced and arrested him for taking the advantage of his passenger’s physical condition and abusing her.

The driver is a Saudi national in his 30s and he drives a private car registered with a ride-hailing service. He was working on his own personal account. Now he is under investigation.”

Qahtani said that the police strictly tracked up reported cases of violation of humility and infringement of rights that are the part of security and social responsibility. This statement was as a warning against everyone who tried to breach public security by harassing or attacking any member of society.

He also called on the guardian who fully shoulder their responsibilities toward their female family members. An official statement on the matter stressed the fact the abuser will still face charges if the video was a part of any act.

However, this video was filmed by the girl while the driver was trying to harass her. The driver, however, attempted to stop her from filming her and took out a knife to threaten her.

The video went viral on social media on Sunday and many people called the authorities to arrest the culprit and take legal action against him. The man is now handed over to prosecution and he will face strict legal penalties.

Ibrahim Al-Munif, a writer, said the Ministry of Interior should insist ride-hailing services and taxi companies to install surveillance systems in their cars for observing the reaction of the drivers and for security purposes and if in some case the camera is turned off or is not working the driver must be questioned about it

A therapist and activist, Nawal Al-Hawasawi said even if the victim decides to drop the case, the driver will still be accused of violating the public right in this matter.

She called that such people who harass minor or disabled people should be charged doubling up the punishment. Sarah Ali, a sociologist, was completely shocked and angered after this news and hoped the official would investigate this case and the culprit should be provided with justice as soon as possible.

Nura Al-Bin Saeed said the driver should face the law. It is wrong to subject this sort of harassment and this case is especially serious because the victim is disabled.

This is not the first such case reported from the Kingdom. If we remember last year, one case sparked outrage on social media similar to this case when a female taxi passenger was assaulted by the driver. That driver was also arrested.

Sexual harassment has become a social issue in the Kingdom and people are waiting for Saudi anti-harassment Law to be passed soon.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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