4 most prominent women terrorist from Saudi Arabia

1-Kulood Al Rukaibi: She was a Saudi woman who was near her 50s. She was called as Om Mohammad by Daesh. She was known as a woman terrorist who gave an explosive belt to his son in 2016 to perform a suicide attack but luckily the authorities were able to foil the attack.

She was married and had four sons and two daughters. She said her husband failed to support the family. She was known as the brain and power behind the Daesh cell planning to carry out attacks and she provided them with logistical and material support.

One of her sons was fighting in Syria and she enrolled her two other sons Hamad and Nasser and her brother Nasser to carry out attacks in Saudi Arabia and target citizens, religious scholars, military and security forces and economic facilities in different areas of Saudi Arabia.

They too carried out attacks in Religious sites in Al-Ahsa and security headquarters. She was the only woman in the 17-member cell among 13 Saudi men, an Egyptian, A Yemeni, and a Palestinian.

Her role in this field alarmed that the women in terror group were now not limited to simple tasks, now they are involved leading important responsibilities and military action.

2-Om Owais:  Om Owais was a well-educated 27 years old woman who was working to attain her master’s degree. She was the first Saudi woman who was put on trial for joining Daesh and was sentenced to 6 years’ imprisonment.

She set her several social media accounts under several names through which she promoted the Daesh ideology and called for protests and taking action against the state.

Through social media, she got supports of several other women who were also promoting the Daesh Propaganda.

However, when the authorities came into action and searched for them, it came to know that 46 women fled to Syria where they joined the terror group. It was also reported that some of these women took their children with them to invest them as future fighters.

Om Owais promised loyalty to Al Baghdadi and she printed pro-Daesh pamphlets and plastered them on the walls of the mosques and other public places in Qassim Province to win new supports.

This was not enough, she also produced her video clips and printed posters to call for the release of their prisoners held insecurity-related cases. She was among them who publicly supported the 2015 terrorist attack on the buildings of an intelligence agency in Southern Saudi Arabia.

Throughout her activism period, she remained in touch with other women who had the same idea and supported Daesh.

Their community of women devoted themselves to serve the terror group, supported and motivated each other, ambitious by a desire to achieve success in serving their cause, even if it meant devastation, destruction, and deaths.

3-Abeer Al Harbi: A Saudi woman terrorist who hid an explosive belt under her feet sitting in the car with her husband who drove from Riyadh to Asir Province in Southwestern Saudi Arabia where the belt was used in an attack on the mosque inside the special headquarters in Abha on August 6, 2015.

The attack was performed during Dhuhr prayer causing the death of 15 worshippers, 5 soldiers and 6 military trainees and 4 Badeshi workers. 33 people were injured in this attack.

4-Lady Gioi Aban Bali Nang: A Filipina who was arrested in Saudi Arabia in 2015 in a suspect that she was helping a Syrian man to make explosive suicide belts to carry out attacks in the Kingdom.

After her arrested the authorities came to know that she was reported missing from her employer 15 months earlier.

Source: Gulf News

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