A Saudi man was arrested for forcing a child to smoke

Nowadays social media has become such a platform where everyone tries to express their feelings and share some important moments of their life with people. Sometimes some posts on social media cause a huge stir among the nation and one of the similar cases was reported from Saudi Arabia.

Very recently, a video appeared on social media that cause a stir among the people and alerted the authorities and health experts to come forward. It was just a 10-second video that showed a man with a small boy who was sitting on his lap.

The man placed the cigarette in the boy’s mouth to which the boy reacted and made the man laugh along with some people who seem to be in the same room. This video sparked an outrage and became a controversial issue.

The Attorney General Saud Al-Mojeb ordered to arrest the man that appeared in the video. On Friday the spokesman of the Ministry of Labor and social development announced and requested the people to inform the ministry if anyone has any information about the video or the man in that video.

This made the man arrested in just a day. The spokesman of the Eastern police department said that the person in the video is a 20 years old Saudi man and the child to whom he is forcing to smoke is the son of one of his relatives.

The prominent Jeddah Lawyer Majed Garoub said, “It is not permissible for anyone to abuse Internet and social media and violates public decency and security. Such violation includes publishing anything illegal and contrary to social values and principles.”

He further said that whenever such incidents happen, the public prosecutor office is given the right to take legal action and apply possible punishment for such acts which is imprisonment and a financial penalty.

A law was introduced which is to protect the children if any case of any violation of children rights occurs and the family affairs judge assess suitable punishment for the violator which is consistent.

Whereas, the father of the child talked to one of the Saudi newspapers explaining that his son is three years old and he has a habit of chewing cigarettes stub and the family could not make him stop from doing this.

He said the man in the video is his cousin and doesn’t have any wrong intention, he was just trying to scare his son with the lighted cigarette so that somehow he could stop him from his bad habit of chewing cigarettes.

A pediatrician from Jeddah, Dr. Lina Barnawi, said, it is harmful to a child to live in such an environment surrounded by smokers because this make the child as an indirect smoker and he is exposed to get the harmful effects of smoking such as asthma, lung cancer, pulmonary issues and other harmful diseases.

She said when a child is exposed to cigarette smoke, it can also affect his proper growth. Some people misbelieve that when a child tries a cigarette and if he or she hates it they become immune to smoking.

However, this idea is totally wrong, it is a misconception and is not based on a scientific basis. Dr. Barnawi added. She further said such moves increase the possibility of a child taking up the hazardous habit of smoking.

Source: Arab News

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