Father chops off a hand of his son for watching Porm Movies

Violence, over the past few years, has taken different and horrific forms. The bitter part is that the violence has now initiated at homes as well. People are not secure at the hands of their own loved ones.

I still remember the incidents were the Egyptian son killed his own mother and where a man beat his daughter to death over her homework.  The news is filled with such domestic violence reports which actually make me believe that some people are born without a heart!

Another shocking news that is making rounds on social media is the one where a father chopped off the hand of his own son.  The reports claim that tragic incident took place in India.

The father named as Mohammad Abdul Qayyum Qureshi caught his 19 years old son habitual of watching porm on his smartphone. Qureshi cautioned his son not to watch blue-films, adult content and pormography on his smartphone otherwise get prepared for worse things.

The father and son found themselves into an argument over the very topic. The son got angry and left the home. However, on his return, the argument continued.

The argument grew and soon took a worse shape. The angry son got up and bit the hand of his father. The father got so fierce over this act of his son that he took out a chopping knife and chopped off one of the hands of his own son!

The reports ensure that the father by profession is a butcher and used one of his knives to chop the hand of his son. The father, when saw the consequences of his own action, was guilty and himself went to the local police.

He admitted his crime. The case filed against the father says that the father made an attempt to murder his son by chopping off his hand.

The purpose of writing the article is not to encourage the act of watching pormography. The reason we selected this news was to make parents aware that gadgets like smartphones and laptops are being used by teens to watch adult content.

The teens get addicted to watching it. This trend has hit the world around.  We want all the parents to keep checks on their children while they use their smartphones and laptops!

Even if you find your children involved in such activities, don’t do what Mr. Qureshi did. You need to be sensible. You need to make them learn that this activity is not healthy and it needs to be stopped.

As punishment, you can confiscate the smart-phones or disconnect internet, yet don’t go for chopping off a hand or so!

Source: Arab News

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