100,000 expat children to leave Saudi Arabia on final exit after their exams

As we all know that Saudi Arabia is a land where the number of expatriates is living and working along with the Saudis.

Many expats have called their family to live in the Kingdom but now after the imposition of dependent fees many expats are willing to send their families back to their homeland and some are trying to quit their work from the Kingdom and move with their family.

Many expatriate’s children are school going, this is the reason many expatriates family are waiting for the academic year to complete and planning to leave the Kingdom soon after the finals of their children.

In many communities’ schools, the final exams are being held in the month of March while in many private schools the schedule to hold final exams is set in May to June. There are many expats children who are born and brought up in the Kingdom and love this Kingdom more than their own country.

Most of the children are totally unaware of the happening and they consider this Kingdom as their home country but now they are saying goodbye to the Kingdom which is a tough call for everyone as they are getting separated from their beloved teachers and friend.

Most often they are going to miss their school in their home country.  This is indeed an emotional and heartbreaking period as well as a psychological draining for all these children.

However, after moving back to their home country it will take a long time for them to get mentally as well as physically stable with the teaching method and school system of their home country.

Children in the Kingdom are often seen sharing the trauma of leaving Saudi Arabia. One of the grade 3 students of the local school, Areeba Ahmad who is an Indian said, nearly half of my class is saying that they will leave the school after final exams.

Many private and community schools in the Kingdom will witness an exodus of many students soon after the final examinations. An official leading school in Jeddah said that in many classes more than half of the students have informed about leaving the Kingdom soon after their final exams.

It is also seen that many schools are themselves asking parents about the number of children who will continue the classes in the next academic year and who will leave the Kingdom.

The main reason for expat leaving the Kingdom is that they could not afford the dependent fees, this has worried many school staff. It can be said that the shrinking enrollment and operational cost can also affect the existence of many private schools.

One of the source in another leading school, which is paying a huge rent for its premises, said, we are required to ascertain the strength of the students for logistical reasons.

Some of the schools are now demanding a lump sum amount instead of monthly fees while others are making efforts to stop children from quitting the school by offering them incentives.

When an Indian expat Mohammad Nazeer was asked about it, he said, I have spent a wonderful time with my family in Kingdom but now it is now time to send them back as I am not able to bear the dependent’s fee.

Besides the shrinking strength of school students, the enforcement of new building rules and the increased Ajeer fee have also affected many private schools.
Source: Saudi Gazette

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