A Saudi man filed a lawsuit against the ministry of education for using his photo

A Saudi man was angered at the behavior of the education ministry. He filed a lawsuit against them. The reason behind this was quite shocking as we cannot believe that education ministry could do this.

Mohammad Hamdan, a Saudi citizen blamed that the ministry of education used his photograph in a negative way in one of their books without his information and permission.

Mohammad Hamdan said the ministry of education violated his intellectual right and distorted his reputation by printing his photo in a negative way in grade six book, Loghti Al-Jameela(my beautiful language).

He stated that his friends informed him about the incident that his photo was published in a school book, specifically in a chapter that describes illegal hunting and bad behavior of a human being toward animals

The chapter also criticized the people for their unacceptable behavior with animals and hunting animal’s protectorate. This was the reason he disliked using his picture in that chapter of the book. 

In Hamdan’s picture used by the education ministry, we can see a person carrying some birds in one of his hand which seems to be hunted by him and a weapon another hand.

According to Hamdam, who is fond of hunting described that the photo was taken nine years ago when he was on his hunting trip in the Sinai Desert and not in an animal protectorate in Saudi Arabia as it was described in the book.

He said that it is legal and allowed to hunt certain times in these places like Sinai desert. He blamed the ministry of education for using his photo in the totally negative way and portrayed him as an irresponsible man who does not respect the Laws and behaves crudely to animals.

They described him as a person who practices illegal hunting and contributes in the extinction of some rare and exquisite species of animals.

However, this is quite wrong and no one could ever imagine such immoral act by the education ministry.

No doubt to say that the education ministry was providing the correct lesson to the children of the nation through their book but they violated some rules and insulted a citizen.

After all that, Hamdan demanded the staff behind this act should be punished and all the books should be withdrawn that contained his photo.

He also asked for an apology and demanded a financial compensation for the psychological damage he suffered due to the ministry’s behavior.

Two sessions have already been held with the judge since he filed the lawsuit but they did not receive any response from the ministry of education during both sessions. The next sessions have now been postponed for 10 days.

However, on the other hand, the ministry’s spokesperson Mubarak Al-Osaimi said that the ministry will only respond after confirming the total details of the incident.

Legal consultant Abdul Aziz bin Batel, a legal consultant too stated it as illegal to take people’s photos, keep them or use them without their permission unless the person in the photo gives his/her permission for using his photo.

Source: Al Arabiya

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