350 Muslims converted to Hinduism from Islam in Bihar, India

The reports claim that as many as 350 Muslims have converted their religion from Islam to Hinduism. These Muslims converted their religion in an organized ceremony named as the “Purkhon ki Ghar wapsi” which is translated as the homecoming of the ancestors.

It is said that about 25 years from now, the forefathers of these Muslims converted their religion from Hinduism to Islam, thus they believe that they have converted back to their original religion and that quite explains the name of the ceremony as well.

The ceremony was organized by Hindu’s right-wing organizations namely the Bajrang Dal and Dharm Jagran Manch which took place at the Madhunagar, Agra.

Madhunagar is believed to be a slum area of Agra. Both of the organizations have an affiliation with the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS). The ceremony witnessed 60 Muslims family converting to Hinduism while reciting the traditional chants belonging to the Hindu religion.

Also, the organizations claimed to hold a month-long training program for the new converts so that they would be able to get the proper guide towards the rituals and culture of the Hindu religion.

Yet what sparked controversy is the news claiming that the converts were offered rewards for the very purpose: the irresistible monetary rewards forced them to leave their religion and accept the new one.

These converts who mostly originate from Bihar and West Bengal were offered BPL (below poverty line) and Aadhaar cards along with the free housing plots. 

Even though Ajju Chauhan, who organized the ceremony, claimed the reports of luring the converts to be untrue, yet the people spoke out to media that rewards and benefits for conversion were placed by the scheme sponsored by the government.

The RSS responded that these families were initially Hindus and any effort to let them revert to their original religion are justifiable.  Some reports also claim that another 22 Muslims converted from Islam to Hinduism in the Faizabad, which is a city in the UP state of India.

These Muslims were also the ones whose forefathers had accepted Islam by abandoning their Hindu religion. Their conversion took place in a ceremony organized by RSS named as Gahr Wapsi or the Homecoming.

It seems like RSS is missioned out to revert people to Hinduism. They also state that they had plans to convert as many as 4,000 Christians on the 25th December i.e. the Christmas day.

A couple take part in a religion conversion ceremony from Christianity to Hinduism at Hasayan town in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh August 29, 2014. Picture taken August 29, 2014. To match Insight INDIA-RELIGION/MODI REUTERS/Adnan Abidi (INDIA – Tags: RELIGION POLITICS SOCIETY) – RTR44ZW9

They chose the special day so that they could prove that Hinduism is a greater religion. The ceremony was to be conducted in Aligarh and was to be one of its own kind.

Interestingly the Christians families chose also hailed from the slums area. Reports claim that these families hailed from 40 different slum areas of cities like Aligarh, Bulandshahr, and Hathras.

These families were also Hindus formerly and belonged to the lowest class of the religion known as Valmiki Samaj. The caste is considered as the feet of the Hindu society.

Another 1,000 Muslim families have been identified for conversion purposes. These families were the descendants of Thakurs and Brahmins.

Source: Tribune PK

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