Saudi Woman beats crowd of sexual harassers in Saudi Arabia

A very peculiar incident was reported from Saudi Arabia. A woman was spotted beating a group of men in the public park in Riyadh Alya Street.

This incident was reported through a video that was captured by someone and uploaded on Twitter on late Sunday, but it is totally unclear when did the incident happen and why did it happen?

According to the video, a group of ten men was seen gathered around the woman whistling and trying to threaten her while screaming profanities at her and the next moment the woman is seen hitting them back and beating the men with a wooden stick who came near her.

This video is taking Kingdom’s social media by storm. This footage is since going viral and people are reacting to it with different interpretations. Some are saying that the woman provoked the men to harass her because it is clearly seen in the video that her hairs are uncovered.

While others are praising her for hitting back at her harassers calling her brave and titled her a wonder woman of Saudi Arabia.

Some social media users have presented quite different statements describing this woman as a popular social media influencer and said that she was followed by her men followers who wanted to take pictures with her.

Yet these claims are yet not verified. However, this is not the first time that a group of men was spotted harassing a woman.

Earlier this year, a video capturing a group of men harassing women in Jeddah’s Dorrat Al-Arous also went viral on Saudi Twitter and that video too sparked outrage across the Kingdom.

That seven men were arrested by the authorities and are now facing investigation and possible legal penalties. Though in this case too, we hope that authorities will soon announce to take an action and investigate the matter.

Whatever might the people say about the woman hitting back to her harasser, I should say that she was right. The deed committed by the group of men was wrong and they deserve to be beaten by the women.

Many people said that the woman provoked her harasser by showing her uncovered hairs but if we look in the video the woman is wearing an abaya and while chasing the men she was trying to cover her face. I think her scarf got removed during the fight.

Of all the matter, the outcome is clear that the Sexual abuser is a criminal by Law and he must be punished. However, in recent months, Saudi agencies have become more diligent to fight the sexual harassment rate in the Kingdom.

We can see the police department are also working too fast to make immediate arrests of the criminals in several abuse cases like these and others which were captured in the video and posted on social media.

According to the Royal orders by King Salam bin Abdul Aziz, Kingdom is also currently drafting a law that is set to criminalize sexual harassment. It is reported that this very year the law will be passed to teach a lesson to the abuser.

Everyone in the Kingdom is waiting for the moment when Saudi Arabia’s anti-harassment Law will be announced.

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