Two women escaped from Jeddah Hospitality Home

A very strange incident was reported to the police this week. Two women escaped from the Women Hospitality Home in Jeddah while they were kept there and provided with special facilities.

The Ministry of Labor and social development has formed a committee to look into this escape incident as it has become a recurring incident. However, after the incident police are currently searching for the missing women.

The protection home is a house for women who have been released from the prison after completing their sentence but their families refuse to take them while some of the women are kept there temporarily until their court case get resolve.

Ministry spokesman Khalid Abalkhali said there are 26 inmates at the hospitality home now and the number of women that flee from the protection home in the past three years has reached up to 10.

However, this was the basic point to think, what made the women escape themselves from the facility home when the home is trying to provide them with better facilities.

It was reported that in the past 18 months the home has arranged the marriages of 25 inmates and has returned 23 inmates safely to their families.

The inmates who are kept at the home undergo various programs such as preparing them for married life and teach them how to lead a better life, besides this, several religious, health, entertainment, development and celebratory program are also arranged to honor their achievements.

During the investigation, Jeddah National Human Rights Society stated that an inmate previously filed a complaint against this hospitality home and reported a number of violations which led the society to investigate the complaint.

This news of the inmates escaping from the hospitality home wildly spread and the social activists demanded a program to protect the inmates housed at the center and demanded a comprehensive investigation into this escape incident which is increasing every year.

It was also reported that eight inmates had previously escaped from the hospitality home and one of the inmates was murdered by her brother a couple of years ago by shooting her four times while she was at her work.

Samira Al Ghamdi, Family protection Organization founding member said the reason which leads so many inmates to rescue from the home is that they receive poor and dishonorable treatment at the home.

She further said they take away their mobile phones and does not let them go out, they treat the women worse like a prisoner.  However, the women should not be treated like prisoners because not every woman housed there has committed a crime.

Some of the women are made to stay there for a short time until their case is resolved. The home is responsible for their escape as it pushes them to escape and many times they hurt themselves in such poor conditions.

However, the results are yet not revealed and the investigation is still ongoing. We shall inform you if we get an update in this case.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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