What it feels and means to be a Black Saudi?

We have to admit that color of the skin has become an important issue. People all over the world are fond of brighter skin tones, black is considered to be the inferior color. People with darker skin tone are not considered beautiful.

We have whitening creams and so for the very reason you know. In this color race, men have also taken part. We all have to admit that black, in the 21st century, isn’t given that much respect.

Men and women are always judged on the basis of the color for their beauty. We still haven’t accepted that black is a color just like white. People with black color have the right to be called beautiful. Nevertheless, they have the right towards opportunities!

The world may be debating over the fact, yet Saudi Arabia has already proven these things. We have told the world that we are proud of our Black Saudis and that all doors of opportunity are open to them.

We collected the success stories of Saudi blacks and wanted to share with you. We chose blacks from varying fields:

1-Faisal Falattah: Faisal Falattah has made his name in the fashion industry. The 32 years old black Saudi is a famous model. There was the time when he used to pay photographers to capture his actions, yet when his talent was unveiled, people approached him.

He has worked with great photographers such as Cameron Mackey in Los Angeles. The photographer claimed that Falattah is a born model.

He works at the King Faisal Specialist Hospital as housing supervisor and is on his way to achieving a Business Administration degree from the prestigious King Abdulaziz University.

He says that while at school he did face discrimination, yet now the world has revolutionized the word beauty and he is confident with his color.

2-Waed: The singer named Hanan Younis who is commonly known as Waed is a Black and yet is famous around the Arab countries.

She is a 41 years old singer and entertainer who hails from a family of entertainers. She started singing at an age of 7, she took part in various shows and was able to release her first album in 2001.

3-Adel Al-Kalbani: The very famous, al Kalbani was the former imam at the mosque of Makkah. He has a beautiful voice and is famous as a Quran reciter. He hails from Riyadh and first worked with Saudi airlines.

After completing his studies with Islamic scholars, Al Kalbani served as Imam at various mosques. He was criticized for disapproving the fatwa on signing and musical ban.

4-Majed Abdullah: The very famous footballer, Majed Abdullah played with Al Nassr and the Saudi national team as a striker. He is now 59 years old and serves as a manager. He played with Al Nassr for 20 years.

His brilliant record reveals 320 goals! Famously known as the Arabian Jewel and Desert Pelé, Abdullah was able to attract 70,000 fans at his testimonial match in the King Fahd International Stadium in Riyadh against the Real Madrid! His team won the match.

Source: Arab News