Muslim Women in Syria are sexually exploited for aid and help

War means destruction and collateral damage. Weapons do not only harm the body of the soldiers but also the minds of their relatives, children, country citizens and women of the locality hit by the warfare even after the ceasefire.

Women and children are weak and therefore a soft target for the war dogs trying to implement their own laws forcefully for their evil interests. Such scums are a shame to humanity.

Syria is a war-stricken country and recent research revealed that in Syria, there are very few places where women and girls are safe and the rest parts are facing Gender-based violence, child marriage, and fear of sexual violence or harassment.

Women are being subjected to sexual exploitation if they demand any aid. United Nation population fund (UNFPA) released an assessment “Voices from Syria 2018”.

Syrian women, fleeing the violence from the Syrian town of Qara, carry their babies as they queue to register to get help from relief agencies at the Lebanese border town of Arsal, in the eastern Bekaa Valley November 18, 2013. Hundreds of Syrians queued in the bleak winter rain of a Lebanese border town on Monday, seeking refuge from a Syrian army attack which could herald a wider offensive north of Damascus.The attack on Qara, which started at first light on Friday, drove an estimated 1,200 families across the frontier to the Lebanese town of Arsal, most of them in the first 24 hours of bombardment. REUTERS/Mohamed Azakir (LEBANON – Tags: POLITICS CIVIL UNREST CONFLICT) – RTX15ISY

In the report it is stated that the fear of sexual violence is often linked with abduction and is a concern raised by women and girls contributing to psychological stress and further restrictions of their movement.

The report also stated that the unnecessary restrictions on the movement of women and girls prevent them from making contact with any kind of services for them. It is also said that many aid workers demand sex in exchange to provide them with any basic facility or fund.

The shame surrounding sexual violence contributes that survivor does not talk about sexual violence when it happens. Most of the women fear about honor killing after sexual violence.

It further stated that most families forcefully arrange a marriage for their girls with an expectation that this will ease the financial burden of the family and will also benefit the girl’s life. Many girls are married before they reach their puberty or at a very young age.

Women displaced from fightings between the Syrian Democratic Forces and Islamic State militants walk inside a refugee camp in Ain Issa, Syria October 10, 2017. REUTERS/Erik De Castro – RC1C3EB63570

The women are forced to survive with the negative coping mechanism such as survival sex because of the socio-economic situation of the country, lack of livelihood opportunities and increased poverty rate.

The more saddening is, in many circumstances like poverty, and being the head of the family to support them, unexpected displacement, coupled with gender inequalities, Syrian women and girls have to face sexual exploitation for aid.

Source: Al Arabiya

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