10 Foods that everyone should avoid a few hours before sleeping

Sometimes, dinner is not enough to satisfy the hunger. There are plenty of midnight snacks that are worth eating and let you have a sound sleep. Yet there are these 10 foods that shall be avoided at night.

1-Red Meat: Anyone would love to have red meat for dinner. Yet this is not a healthy choice. Food made out of red meat would accelerate body’s natural process.

With such a condition it would be difficult to fall asleep. So try to have red meat at lunch than for dinner!

2-Vegetables: Vegetables are indeed healthy and nutritious, but they are not to be eaten right before sleeping. The basic reason is that vegetables are rich in fibers. The fibers are digested slowly by the body and therefore you might take longer to sleep than usual!

3-Chips and Processed snacks: Once you are done with dinner and feel like having a little bit of something else before sleep: chips and processed snacks look like a convenient choice! As it is easy to eat a pack of chips or other snacks, people prefer to have them.

It is easy as you don’t have to cook it all, just open the pack and there you go. Yet such foods are rich in monosodium glutamate. Studies reveal that monosodium glutamate can lead to sleep-related issues. So avoid chips and snacks if you love your sleep!

4-Pasta: Pasta is all time favorite food. However, having pasta late at night is not a good choice. You have to certainly resist tasty pasta at night. The reason is that pasta has carbohydrates in it.

So if you sleep after eating pasta, the carbohydrates would turn into fats. And the definite result would be weight gain. So cut out pasta as a late night meal, it shall be taken in morning.

5-Ice-Cream: Well as much as we all love ice-cream; it is definitely not a late night food. Ice-cream is rich in fats and sugar.

If you have a bowl of ice-cream and go to your bed, you will wake up with weight! Eating ice-cream and not burning the fats would result in weight gain.

6-Pizza: Yes, a yummy slice of pizza is not a late night food option either! If you cannot resist a slice of pizza right before your sleep, here is what you need to know.

A cheesy slice of pizza with delicious topping is a great source of fat. If you eat it before sleeping not only you shall gain weight but also you put yourself at a risk of heartburn and other issues!

7-Cereals: A bowl full of cereals is indeed a morning snack, not a late night one. The sugar and carbohydrate content in cereals is high enough to cause sleep problems!

8-Chocolate: You don’t take coffee before sleep then why eat chocolate which is also a great source of caffeine!

9-Alcohol: A glass of alcohol will disturb your sleep. Even though you fall asleep after having it but the sleep won’t be the kind you like it!

10-Chilies: They are rich in carbohydrates which can cause weight and sleep problems!

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