What is the Crisis in Syria? Why Children are murdered and women raped?

Syria is at a war in which many people have died, most have fled and others are in the worse conditions. Now the conditions are getting worse with more people dying and humanitarian rights being brutally violated.

As most of us not know much about the Syrian crisis, we only tend to listen to them on the news. So here are some of the facts related to the Syrian war that are utterly saddening:

When did the crisis start? Basically, it all started in March 2011 due to Arab Spring which caused the people in Syria to rise against the government. What started as a protest by the public, ended up in the war between armed groups from the opposition and the government!

The crisis which was of political nature became complex as the fighters divided themselves up into religious groups. The Free Syrian Army movement started and locals joined it.

What is Syrian crisis? The war that is on for 7 years has killed about 500,000 people. What stood as beautiful cities lie as ruins! People have gone through what is declared as a severe human rights violation. The people there are deprived of food, clothing, shelter and medical assistance.

The country, before the war, had a population of 22 million. Out of these 22 million people, 6.1 million are those who are internally displaced while 11 million have sought shelter in different countries as refugees.

The situation is worse since 2015, the time when the outside parties invaded into the matter making it worse than ever.

The conditions there are literally below humanity, people are being killed, they flee from one building to another, they do not have water and food supplies, they cannot get a medicine or medical assistance, they even don’t have access to washrooms.

Mother trying to recognise her child in a pile of dead children bodies in Syria

What happened in the city of Raqqa? Before the war started, the Raqqa was the 6th largest city of Syria with a population of 220,000 people. The northern city was attacked and captured by the ISIS back in 2013.

This made 200,000 people flee from their city, leaving behind all their goods and belongings. The people took shelter at the displacement camps. It was only in October 2017 that city was restored to its former position by taking back the control.

Yet, according to UN, the city is left with only 20% of the population. Even though people want to get back to their homes and live a life under a permanent shelter, yet the city’s water supply, medical assistance, and peace are to a great extent destroyed!

Where do Syrians seek refugee? With such worse conditions, half of the population has fled towards different countries. The statistics show that 6.1 million people left their homes and remain internally displaced.

In 2017 another 1.8 million people followed suits. Almost 6,550 people on average face internal displacement a day. Here are the statistics about the refugees:

1-Since 2012, 1.5 million Syrians are in Lebanon and Jordon. They are being catered by the Mercy Corps.

2-In 2013, Iraq opened its border and many refugees flew there. Yet with the Iraq crisis, things are not good there as well. The refugee burden with 2.6 million people internally displaced!

3-3.3 million People are in Turkey where cultural tensions in the urban areas have arisen.

4-Many are trying to head towards Europe through the Mediterranean Sea: yet many die as they move through illegal and improper means while those who survive face challenges.

The worst part is that every day more and more Syrians are seeing refugee. They finally decide to flee when they see their loved ones being shot to death.

On their way to flee, most are shot dead, others are caught by parties to fight for them while others are lucky (or unlucky) to escape into a neighboring country. There are 5.5 million refugees worldwide out of which 2.6 million are children aged under 18.

How is the life of the Syrian refugee? Only 8% of the refugees are able to get towards the tents. The rest are struggling for a shelter. So those outside the camp are facing hardships.

There are people in neighborhood wanting to help them yet in countries like Jordan and Lebanon financial crisis do not allow them to do so.  The refugees settle up in rooms where they do not have access to water or heat. Most of them do not have access to clean water.

With poor conditions of life, they are easy prey of diseases yet they have access to limited medical assistance. 35 % of the refugees do not have access to clean drinking water: the water levels in some refugee dense areas have reached emergency level.

The refugees are not entitled to take up formal jobs and thereby are doing odd jobs which is insufficient to meet the basic needs. They also have to pay the rent for the shelter they seek!

Syrian refugees arrive at a camp in 2016 in Royashed, Jordan. Promised resettlement in the United States, many Syrian refugees are frustrated and angry over President Donald Trump's executive action banning their entry to the U.S. until further notice. (CNS photo/Jamal Nasrallah, EPA) See JORDAN-SYRIAN-REFUGEES Jan. 31, 2017.

What future do they have? With no formal jobs, no belongings and improper living conditions, do they have any future? Do people in Syria have a future when their life is at a stake?

Their children are not going to schools for years now, they have no proper homes, not even sufficient food! What future do they have? The half of the refugees are children who have lost everything: their homes, schools, family, friends and above all their future!

Call for help! People, it is the time we help them. There are organizations that are helping them and you can donate here. There are organizations providing them with food and assistance contact them and help them in this humanitarian cause.

If you cannot do such help, help them by signing online petitions available to support Syrians and to stop violence against them!

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