7 reasons to believe that Indians are the most racists in the World

Are Indians racist or not? Do they inherit this trait? This is a question people avoid asking but at the same time, they are very curious to know the answer.

Labeling Indians as racist would be unethical, yet if facts are there to prove the statement, we can call them racist! Here are those 7 facts that shall prove that Indians are born racist! 

1-Indians are very conscious about the skin color: Indians are way too conscious about the skin color. They believe that a fair skin is a good one while a darker one is a bad virtue! Yes, you will hardly find an Indian who does not care about the skin tone.

A child with a dark skin color is neither considered beautiful or cute nor is his future considered bright! And if a baby girl with dark skin color is born, family members get worried to an extreme level as they believe that no one would marry her!

This dilemma can be seen in their Dramas, movies, and songs. You will rarely find a leading actor and actress with a darker skin tone. The popular actors endorse skin whitening creams.

The Dramas and movies depict that fair girls are beautiful and loveable. Also, the songs’ lyrics praise the beauty of fair girls!

2-Indians discriminate against the people belonging to Northeast: Indians are “feature” conscious as well. This is the basic reason that the people of northeast face discrimination.

The extent of discrimination shown towards them is astonishing. It makes people ask a question that how do the people of the northeast face such high-level discrimination?

3-Indians treat people of East and West differently: Indians are fond of British and American people. You will see Indians welcoming and honoring them.  This is most probably because they consider these countries nationals superior.

However, the Africans are the least welcomed people in India! Africans here never had a good experience. The Indians surely discriminate among people belonging to east and west, even at the political level. For Indians, Nationality does matter!

4-Racism is shown in Cricket: Indians would warmly welcome the cricketers belonging to South Africa and England. The stadium would be full of fans of cricketers belonging to such nations.

However, Indians do not like the dark-toned West Indies players. The racism has strongly hit cricket many times! In 2002 India was declared a winner in a match against West Indies after crowd violence.

5-AAP emerged as a leading party in Delhi: AAP supporters along with Former law minister Somnath Bharti violated the rights of African nationals under an illegal raid.

The Africans were humiliated and they were treated inhumanely. The government kept quiet on the matter, yet on re-election, AAP was able to win 67 seats out of total 70! Had it been a non-racist country, the political career of AAP would have ended.

6-Indians have less exposure: Indians discriminate upon race, cast, color, religion and even region unintentionally.

It seems as if they have inherited racism. Actually, Indians have very less exposure towards foreigners and they are unable to control their racist behavior.

7-Indians hide their racial identity: When abroad, Indians tend to hide their racial identity, Nikki Haley an American Republican governor of the US state classified herself as White. Well, it won’t be wrong to call Indians as racist.

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