You will still be an expat even if you spend 50 Years in Saudi Arabia

The Creator of human has divided the population into tribes and nations. This was done to diversify the population. This diversity helped them to know the different nations and civilizations.

The people of the world are grouped into different nations. People belong to different tribes, race, religion, cast, and civilizations which gives them an identity.

It is the person’s nation, culture, and language that possess its identity. This means that nations are held together because of similarities among its nationals. The only common thing among all the people is that they are made from clay.

The history reveals that the nations were formulated on the basis of religion, culture, traditions, race, the origin of the population.

Saudi Arabia is a land of diversity. It has possessed a great history. It has now embarked upon economic and social progress where it is keen to develop peacefully.

The growth rate among the major economic sectors such as health, education, economic infrastructure, transport and urban development is impressive.

But no economy can move smoothly on the path of development unless its citizens are deemed important. Keeping this in mind the Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Labor took vital steps to support the economic growth. The labor market is being regulated.

They have also cleaned up the labor market by regularizing the expatriates residing in Saudi Arabia. There were plenty of illegal expatriates residing in Saudi Arabia which damaged the economy as the government shall make sure that all residents are residing under the law.

Also, this was a great need to employ the unemployed Saudis under the Saudization campaign.

Different nations were built as people settled in. as they had a common interest and served the economy, the sovereign states would allow them to obtain the citizenship of the residing nation which is well understood. However Saudi laws are quite different.

The expatriates have been coming to Saudi Arabia since decades, they have settled here with generations who are Saudi born, yet they do not hold Saudi citizenship because Saudi residency laws do not allow that.

These expatriates have a good record, they have served the nation with full loyalty and that is the way their Iqama had been renewed timely by the authorities.

They indeed know that the desire of holding a Saudi nationality will remain a desire yet they want authorities to provide them with some benefits and privileges.

They have been staying here, adopting the Saudi lifestyle and culture, kept their children away from their home-country and above all serving the Kingdom over generations! They do not want to be controlled by the sponsors all their lives!

These expatriates want to own property here, invest in stock exchange market and want to gain benefits as enjoyed by Saudi Nationals.

Non-availability of extra benefits to the long-term residents has actually caused a loss to the Saudi economy. As the expats are not allowed to own a property on the Saudi land, they have remitted out money!

Studies show that billions of riyals have been remitted out. Only if the laws were flexible enough, these expats could have owned property and boost up the economy up to great extent.

For instance, if half million expats were allowed to own property here at a price of SR 500,000 only then SR 250 billion could become part of the Saudi economy and that too within a day. 

Moreover, if only one million expats were allowed to invest a minimum amount of SR 1,000 annually, an SR 1 billion will be injected into the economy through year on year investment.

Some of the truly serving expats have moved on. They have shifted to other nations as they know that 4-5 years of service will help them gain a nationality.

They will be able to enjoy the benefits like other national residents. Even those expats have been reported to leave the Kingdom who had resided here for 2-3 decades! 

Indeed, this is a great loss. Saudi Arabia has gained a lot from these expats! Let’s just hope that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia does not have to go through these losses in future.