Why have Saudis become too much dependent on domestic workers?

In this era, we have become too much dependent on domestic help as compared to our ancestors. It is not wrong to say that our lives have become much easier and much lazy too as we are unable to fetch a glass of water for ourselves without the help of our domestic worker.

We are totally dependent on them. We call them for even the most mundane task and have become too much lazy. Some Saudi people have gone too extreme and have employed more than one domestic workers and are totally dependent on them.

We need them for cleaning the house, washing dishes and clothes, cooking food and some people are too much lazy that they have hired workers who could look after their elderly and sick family members who need complete attention and love but they are too busy and provide workers to look after them.

For them, this is the time of enjoyment and their good luck. Now, people are building more numbers of rooms in their houses for maids and drivers. This means that they are trying to skip off their responsibilities from home by hiring more numbers of drivers and maids that can help their families.

Many mothers also try to run away from their responsibilities by hiring nannies and maids to look after their children all the time and more saddening is that the children spend more time with their maids than their mother and they start speaking in the accents of their maid.

And this is not enough, the children get too much attached to their maids and nannies that they show emotional attraction and love with their nannies rather than their mother.

I am not criticizing working women, although there is nothing wrong if a working lady hires a nanny or a maid to look after her kids for some time the problem arises when a woman hand over her kids to the maid for all the time.

I have seen, once a child got hurt and he ran to his nanny for help rather than running to his mother. This was the moment the mother realized the biggest mistake she committed was when she handed her son to the maid and for him, his nanny was his mother, helper, and everything.

These type of acts has created a social and behavior problem in our society. Mother’s lap is said to be the first teaching school of children but through these activities, children are becoming more neglectful, lazy and lacking basic manners that can be taught by parents only.

Moreover, children are also growing with superiority or inferiority complex. This unhealthy total dependence has shaken the foundation of the family and a perfect society and people are looking for someone who could pamper or spoon-feed them.

Despite this extreme dependence on domestic helpers, many families fail to show total justice toward their domestic helpers by either abusing them or depriving them of their monthly wages.

We often come to hear news about abusing and harassing foreign domestic helpers. The whole system of employing domestic workers needs to be studied properly. Our current ways are unsustainable and often lead to the mistreatment of foreign workers.

Moreover, our whole new generation of children that grow up by their maid or nanny think that they will always be there for them and they too sometimes misbehave.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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