Top 10 Most Dangerous Airlines of the World held a survey to rate the airlines according to their safety provisions. The survey based on data revealed 10 airlines which are least safe. These airlines had a poor safety record.

407 airlines were examined during the survey and 7 stars were given to the top rating airlines. However, only 148 could obtain the top rating. Almost 50 airlines could obtain 3 stars or less.

While there were 10 airlines which could receive 1 or zero stars. The methodology used by the survey was to examine the audit reports of airlines from governing bodies and leading associations, fatality record, operational history, operational excellence and incident records. 

Mostly we do hear that a plane had been crashed or is missing along with its passengers. Mh370 and MH17 have been reported to have unsolved disappearance. Germanwings and Metrojet crash in the Alps and Sinai were also a great loss. 

224 travelers were killed when the Russian Metrojet Airbus A321-231 broke apart shortly after its departure from Sharm el-Sheikh International Airport in Egypt.

In March 2015, a Germanwings Airbus A320-211 crashed into the French Alps: it killed all the people on the plane which numbered upto150.

These incidents make an airline insecure to travel in. People become hesitant to travel with these airlines as safety is the first priority. People should be aware that which airlines are safe to travel according to their past safety record.

The Germanwings has obtained seven stars, not because it was favored but because it was discovered that pilot Andreas Lubitz, caused the plane to crash as he had suicidal tendencies.

So in the rating system deaths during flights caused by acts of terrorism, high jacking or pilot suicide are not included in the crash record and does not affect airline’s safety ratings.

However, the safety specialists have raised questions upon the methodology of survey. They say that it does not reflect the passenger’s priorities towards safety.

Passengers are more pleased with airlines that have a record of no loss of life during numerous flights.  For them, an airline is not well rated even though the loss of life was attributed to acts of terrorism, high jacking or pilot suicide.

If we categorize airlines according to their track record the US carrier Southwest will be in the lead as it has reported a zero fatal accident since its beginning. It was founded in 1971 and has carried 1.5 billion people during 22 million flights without a single loss of life!

The two European budget airlines namely easyJet and Ryanair have also craved out a fatality-free record: it carried 180 million passengers.  

Also, the three carriers of The British Isles: Aer Lingus, Flybe, and Thomas Cook have been marked in “top ten safest low-cost airlines” –by yet only 22 million passengers have traveled in it!

Malaysia Airlines also obtained 5 stars although all passengers went missing or caused the death of all passengers in 2014! Whatsoever the criteria, we do hope that all passengers on board have a safe flight!

The airlines which do not address the safety concerns shall be banned as Iraqi Airways was banned to operate in EU. Officials do ensure to “closely monitor future developments” and would consider bans if air passenger safety was deemed to be at risk.

The ten airlines failed all the criteria and could get only 1 or zero stars. These ten airlines are from Nepal, Indonesia, and Surinam. The survey has revealed the names of these 10 airlines:

  1. Batik Air
  2. Bluewing Airlines
  3. Citilink
  4. Kal-Star Aviation
  5. Lion Air
  6. Sriwijaya Air
  7. TransNusa
  8. Trigana Air Service
  9. Wings Air
  10. Xpress Air

We have also provided the Airline ratings of the major airlines of the Gulf countries below. The rating has been awarded out of 7 stars.

  • Air Arabia – 7 stars
  • Air Blue – 4 Stars
  • Air India – 6 Stars
  • Cebu Pacific – 4 Stars
  • Egypt Air – 4 Stars
  • Emirates Airlines – 7 Stars
  • Etihad Airways – 7 Stars
  • FlyDubai – 6 Stars
  • Flynas – 5 Stars
  • Gulf Air – 5 Stars
  • Kuwait Airways – 7 Stars
  • Middle East Airlines – 5 Stars
  • Oman Air – 6 Stars
  • Pakistan International Airlines – 7 stars
  • Philippine Airlines – 6 Stars
  • Qatar Airways – 5 Stars
  • Saudi Airlines – 7 stars

Source: Independent UK

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