Faris Al-Mu’aili – A Saudi man who becomes Zombie in no time

A talented and young 28-year-old Saudi man, Faris Al-Mu’aili has a unique hobby of crafting and creating human parts models that can easily scare anyone.

He creates models of cut limbs, deep wounds, and severed arms and other body parts that easily match with some horror creatures of Holly wood movies. He also specializes in manufacturing special cinematic effects.  

His passion for horror movies and his love for unique crafts led him to create such models. His passion also led him to participate in the making of the movie “Born King” which is about the life of King Faisal. He participated as the part of the crew filming in Riyadh last November.

Faris Al-Mu’aili talked about his passion and hobby and said that it all started about seven years ago and his first work included a head pierced by the pen which was an amazing craft made by using silicon.

Al Mu’aili further talked about his passion and said, “I spent a lot of time reading and looking at anatomy books to study layers of the skin, the veins, nerves, and bones to determine the colors and I also corresponded with skin specialists of this area to get perfection in my work.”

He stressed that his ambitious work is expensive in term of materials and is also a time-consuming work.  He shared his views and explained about his work describing that it takes a complete day to work on severed fingers.

First of all, he requires a mold and then he dips the finger into the mold to give it a shape and then he extract it and pour silicon on it and at the end the color the finger to give it a natural and realistic look. While transforming a face it takes almost 3 working days for him.

He explained that the main drive behind his hobby is imagination, creativity, and love of individuality and this can be easily seen through his pictures.

He requests the tool and equipment through specialized sites from abroad as they are not easily available in the market and he is often stopped at the customs to answer the purpose of bringing such tools. As said by Al-Mu’aili,

“I’m often stopped to define the purpose of requesting these tools and have to explain the idea of bringing them to the customs. Many of these tools are not allowed to enter the Kingdom because of the flammable chemicals.”

Al-Muaili wished to share his talent with local drama makers, directors, and actors but they refused him because they are not after professional production in their work and they only paint colors in a primitive way for filming the scenes that contain wounds or cuts.

However, after a long struggle, he was welcomed and praised by the professionals who took part in “Born king” movie production. As he was granted the opportunity to create sunburns, battle wounds, and other effects. This time this work pushed him to move forward and earn a name.

Al-Mu'aili wishes to open an institute specializing in cinematic effects. He believed that reopening Saudi cinema will allow many talented young people to avail the opportunity to present their creations instead of bringing skills from abroad.

Source: Al Arabiya

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