Saudi doctors reattached the hand of a worker that cut off in an accident

Undoubtedly the human beings are making a remarkable advancement and excelling in the medical field beyond and par our wildest dreams and if proper equipment and facilities are available, the doctors make a miracle happen.

Saudi Arabia have been well known in providing and introducing the latest of everything possible and available, and this is the reason the doctors are comfortable there working in a complete advanced atmosphere with up to date equipment.

An incident was reported very recently which was not less than a miracle. No doubt to say that doctors have created many new ways to treat the patients, by the will of Allah.

Similar happened here, Saudi doctors were successful to reattach the severed hand of a worker. The news is that an Asian worker working in Saudi Arabia got his right hand cut off in a horrific work-related accident and was taken to King Fahad Hospital in Khobar.

It is one of the biggest in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia and it was said that this is the best hospital that possesses advanced equipment and capabilities and many professional doctors who were well known for treating many patients.

He was sent there for treatment and some possible effort to save his hand from amputation. The transplant team was formed to operate the surgery under the supervision of Dr. Ali Al-Saflan a plastic surgeon at University Hospital.

After examining, it was stated the limb of the worker was damaged fully. However, the medical team of the Hospital conducted six hours long operation to reattach the fully damaged hand. This successful and long operation was carried out on Friday.

The director of the hospital Mohammad Shahrani said. “The surgery was successful because the hospital has the most advanced and professional capabilities and it gets unlimited support and attention.”

He further stated that it was a microscopic surgery because it involved dealing with tiny blood vessels. He thanked God and said they were able to reattach the hand with the help of Allah and the efforts of the medical team.


The hand was perfectly attached with the arm and the blood circulation was also restored by fixing the nerves but the patient will still have to go through a muscle surgery followed by the functional treatment so that he can move his hand more easily and freely like before.

This news soon started to circulate over Social media and the people applauded and praised the medical team and the hospital for treating the man with love and attention and giving him the best possible outcome from the horrific accident that cut off his right hand, which could make him feel desperate and helpless throughout his life.

It is also important that Saudi authorities make further efforts to ensure safe work environment for the workers. The employers who violate required safety standards should be punished hardly with heavy fines and imprisonment of the people involved.

Source: Gulf News

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