Indonesian couple traveled 12,000 Km on their bicycle to perform Umrah

Muslims from around the world visit Saudi Arabia to offer their religious obligations as pilgrims. It is clearly seen that most of the people reach there by air in the view of long distance while some travel through the sea and the nearby people travel through the land in cars and buses to reach there.

One Indonesian couple planned to do something different. They planned their journey to Saudi Arabia in a way that nobody has ever planned or traveled. It will surprise you when you will come to know that the two, husband and wife traveled to Saudi Arabia on a bicycle.

Hakram Maburi and his wife both are 35 years old and share a passion for adventure and came to Makkah. After covering a distance of 12,000 kilometers pedaling on their custom-made bicycle through seven countries taking a whole year to reach Saudi Arabia.

The couple resides Malang in East Jawa in Indonesia from where they started their Journey after planning and preparing for this long journey for one and a half month.

The couple self-designed their bicycle and later sent the design to the factory for the preparation of their dream cycle. It contained two seats, a luggage carrier and two sets of pedals.

The husband explained that before leaving their homeland they studied the culture and people of the countries they will have to encounter during his long trip and he also got trained how to use GPS service and google maps to keep their trip on correct track.

Bicycle symbolize harmony in married life, in order to push the wheel of life forward, husband and wife must make compromises and adjustments. This is a very beautiful line said by Mabruri when he was asked why he chooses a bicycle for his trip.

He further explained the bicycle teaches the people how to react to the ups and downs of life. It teaches us we need to work harder to go upward while going down we have to control everything and this same viewpoint should be applied to face the hardships and challenges of life also

Mabruri selected to sit in front and made his wife sit back of the cycle in order to fill the role of an imam.  Mabruri an adventurous man studied in agriculture sciences while his wife was soon to be a Psychologist.

He said it did not take much time for him to convince his wife of this long adventure because she already knew him as an adventurous person who traveled a lot.

He said this time he offered his wife a chance to join him and this trip was much more than adventure, a remarkable and memorable trip.

During this trip, the couple got a good news of having their first baby in next few month after four years of their marriage, and wished to name their baby “Mukafeh (a striver)”

Their trip started from Indonesia to Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar, then to India and from India, they traveled Egypt and from there finally to Saudi Arabia avoiding conflict-stricken areas.

He said he did not suffer any problem with anything but her wife disliked food of some places. But the best food they liked was Arabic Shwarma and Thai food. Speaking of different people they appreciated the friendly people of Sinai in Egypt.

He said In Egypt they had their first encounter with a mix of different Arab culture before reaching Saudi Arabia.  The couple wished to travel back to their country by air and has a planned their next trip to New Zealand and Australia.

Source: Al Arabiya

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