Hanged to Death 4 Times – man who raped and killed 8 minor girls

Zainab a small seven-year-old girl was kidnapped from near her Aunt’s house on January 4, 2018, in Kasur, Pakistan while her parents were out in Saudi Arabia to perform Umrah. Zainab's body was found after five days from the garbage dump near her home.

This news spread an outrage on local multimedia and social media and thousands erupted in the Kasur city setting a police station and a politician home on fire. Everybody demanded the culprit be arrested and hanged in the Public.

Zainab's Body: Initial reports based on autopsy reported that Zainab’s dead body claimed that she was killed approximately 2 days before her dead body was found lying in a garbage dump.

The autopsy doctor added Zainab suffered several wounds on her nose and neck and this was an evidence that she was also tortured. More samples were taken for the tests but its result will be revealed almost after three months.

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The police arrested her neighbor: After a long investigation and testing the DNAs of several people, the Police was able to trace the culprit name Imran Ali 24 year man who was a neighbor. He was traced after his DNA matched with the DNA recovered from the Crime scene.

He was arrested and found guilty. He confessed his crime and later it was reported that the accused Imran Ali was also involved in raping and killing nine more minor girls of the Kasur area.

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Pakistani Police failed in the beginning: The most shocking moment was, similar cases of raping and killing minor girls were being reported in the area since two years but the police failed to arrest the criminal, this was the very reason people crushed the police station of the area while protesting for Zainab's murder.

People wanted to put an end to this deadly game committed by the inhumane man Imran Ali and this time the nation united and took the help through Social media under the hashtag #JusticeforZainab

After a short trial of five days, Criminal Imran Ali was sentenced to death on four counts. Public Prosecution Ehtisham Qadir said the court announced the decision in the presence of Imran who had pleaded guilty during the trial.

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17-10-2018: He was sentenced to death four times for committing four major crimes; kidnapping a minor; raping a child; killing a child, and committing an unnatural terrorism act.

Zainab’s mother demanded that he should be hanged at the place from where he kidnapped her daughter so that no one else should ever think to commit such crime. However, the Pakistani court refused the request.