Why is it important to stop Fake Zamzam water distribution?

BBC claimed that Zamzam water sold in Britain had high levels of arsenic in it and called it ‘poisonous drink’. Source: BBC

However soon this news was followed by another news that there is no arsenic in genuine Zamzam water. Source: BBC

ZamZam water is the most sacred water for the Muslims all around the world. Muslims drink it for many reasons. Muslims believe that Allah accepts all their prayers they make before drinking Zamzam water. It is very important to stop distribution of fake Zamzam water around the world.

Therefore, the people behind Airbük App are committed to stopping the sale of Fake Zamzam around the world and the best way to stop the sale of Fake Zamzam water is to make the genuine Zamzam water available to Muslims worldwide.

Airbük App is connecting Muslims traveling from Saudi Arabia to all over the world. Using this great application, Muslims living all around the world can request people traveling from Saudi Arabia to bring Zamzam water for them.

They can request the holy water for a fixed price of $20 which is far lower than the price at which most fake sellers sell Zamzam water is sold in the market.

Moreover, people who are carrying Zamzam water for their fellow Muslim brothers will not only get a reward from Allah but also get compensated for the effort. Watch this video now to see why Zamzam water on Airbük app is genuine.

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