Christian Judge orders 3 Muslims to learn the verses of Quran hailing Mary, Jesus

We are Muslim and it is our intense belief that Islam is the only true religion. We truly believe in the oneness of Allah and His Prophets. As a Muslim, we too believe that Christianity and Judaism were also true religions at their time but they got superseded when Islam came.

Islam is a religion which forbids insulting other religion. In Lebanon, three Muslim men were accused of insulting Christianity. The three men were sent on trial for disrespecting a religion.

The judge Joceline Matta did not wish to imprison them, instead of announcing a prison sentence she ordered the men to memorize the Quran verses to release. They were ordered to memorize the verses of Quran that hails Mary and Jesus.

The court ordered the three men to memorize the Quran verses of Surah Ale-Imran. This is the Surah in which the story of Virgin Mary (Maryam) and Jesus (Hazrat ESA) is described briefly. Furthermore, it praises Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ.

Joceline Matta said, she made the right decision for these three men and noted that her decision aim was to teach the young men about the Islam’s tolerance and love for Virgin Mary. She said the Law is a school and not just a prison.”

Saad Hariri the Prime Minister of Lebanon applauded and saluted the judge for her decision. He said her decision reflects justice and teaches mutual concepts between Muslim and Christians.

Nicolas Tueni too praised her decision saying her decision is a way toward innovative judicial approaches and it helps to solve social problems and religious intolerance.

I can say all this is happening because we have stopped reciting Quran and seeking religious knowledge. We are totally unaware of what your religion teaches us and guide us to do. We are totally unaware of our religious background.

If we talk about Jesus (EESA), the first thing is that we all Muslims know is, He was a prophet of Allah. Our religion does not allow to disrespect any human being or any other religions.

Every non-Muslim is a human being first and then a non-Muslims. So we should stop judging others and should ponder over ourselves first.

I really admire the verdict given by the Christian judge. She could have given her a harder punishment but it would have not result in any kind of behavioral improvement in them. She set a positive example and all of us should admire this effort.

All of us should take a lesson from this verdict. By setting a harder punishment, you can stop the people from saying bad things but by educating them you can change their mind and make them a better person. After all, this is the outcome you desire from the imprisonment as well.

Source: Al Arabiya

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