The story of Marwa – from a street Tissue seller to a Marathon Winner

It is well-said that Allah has always planned something good for us. If winter comes, summer is not far behind. It is said that Fate changes in no time. Similar is a story about an Egyptian girl whose Fate changed overnight.

She became a marathon winner from a Street tissue seller. Isn’t it amazing to hear? Marwa a small 10-year girl who was a street vendor used to sell tissue in front of the Aswan Train station but she earned first place in children Charity marathon.

We can say it, her fortune or her good luck. She might have never thought about such an achievement or her popularity. This all happened on one fine day when she saw a big set of children Charity marathon organized by the Magdi Yacoub Heart Foundation.

She was inspired by the game show and asked the organizer if she could take part in the race. The fee for participating in the race was 200 EGP, which was very much for the poor girl.

The organizer happily allowed the little girl to participate for free. This was the time when her destiny was waiting for her achieve something. Wearing a veil, Jellabiya with jeans and barefoot, she decided to achieve something.

She ran with the other participants and shot through the finishing line beating all another participant who was wearing sports gear and shoes to run in the race. It made clear that all a person needs is passion and desire to get something.

Just like in this story, sports gear and shoes could not make the participant but a barefoot participant won. She ran without shoes and won first place in Children Charity Marathon.

However, we can also retaliate that her daily life routine made her win the race. Marwa as a tissue seller used to run after the customer's cars to sell them tissues.

She won the medal for standing in the first place. She posed for a picture with that medal. This was the happiest moment of her life. The time she was running, she forgot about her hard and poverty-stricken life.

Her picture was posted on social media and the user started sharing her picture with love. They called on the Ministry of Youth and Sports and businessmen to adopt Marwa and harness her talent in hopes of her one day becoming an Olympic athlete.

I have met many youngsters who always complain about the injustice in the society, not getting enough job opportunities. I always ask them to set up your goals and strive hard to achieve them. You never know an opportunity like Marwa is waiting for you.

If you stay home and don’t do anything waiting for the job to come, you are actually wasting your time and talent. Whatever skills (education) you possess; it is not only for the purpose of the job.

Even if you start selling vegetables on the cart in the street with an aim and goal of doing something bigger, Allah will hold your hand soon.

Source: Al Arabiya

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