This is how a hot cup of tea looks like in 10 different countries

Although coffee is the new trend, those who love tea cannot replace it with anything. Most people can’t afford a day without a hot cup of tea. The tea lovers are of the view that tea not only refreshes them but also gives them a boost.

Tea becomes a part of life and an everyday routine for those who love it. People who have developed a great taste for tea start to have carved for it. Tea can be complemented with sugar, milk, herbs, lemon and of course the snacks!

While some take tea (green tea) to lose weight others would take tea to refresh them. Some like having cold tea while others would prefer it hot. Nevertheless, tea is consumed by some people in large quantity.

Well not only people, there are nations as a whole who love tea. Some nations have embedded tea in their tradition and culture. The people there consume tea and serve it to others as a sign of hospitality.

Different nations have different tastes and so therein their tea differs:  the taste of tea is adjusted to their flavor with the use of different tea leaves and a different method of preparation.

Yet, tea is tea and some nations are a great fan of it! Here we will be a briefing about those top ten countries which had the most consumption of tea per person. Also, we are intended to tell you about their specific tea culture.

Turkey: A country where consumption of tea per person was the most. Tea has definitely become an important part of their lives and culture. The Turkish people would like to have a cup of tea in a small and clear tea glass.

The tea is usually made in a special double tea-pot known as çaydanlık. It is basically a two-chambered tea-pot where water is placed in lower pot and tea in the upper one.

Turkish people would like to add sugar in tea but less likely is the chance of complimenting the tea with milk or cream. Rize çayı, is a black leaf tea and is Turkey’s one of the popular types of tea.

Ireland: Ireland is famous for its Breakfast tea, yet tea is consumed in different parts of the day. Irish tea is the composition of many black teas, most notably the Assam tea.

The black tea is often served with milk: as milk and tea hold a special place in Irish diet. The Irish tea is usually served in Irish ceramic cups complimented with cookies and cakes.

United Kingdom: The British love for tea dates back to their rule in the subcontinent: they controlled tea production in sub-continent.

British people are die-hard fans of tea and had been one of the nations with most tea consumption since the 18th century. It is a drink of every class.

The tea is served with milk and sugar (this combination is known as builder’s tea). Tea is often complimented with snacks when taken in afternoon.   

Russia: Taking tea is a Great Russian tradition. The Russians have their black tea with or without sugar and rarely with milk.

The loose leave’s tea can be taken hot as well as cold. The Russians sweet are often complimented with tea, especially for guests.

Morocco: Morocco is famous for its mint tea. The tea is taken throughout the day. Tea is served to guests as a sign of hospitality.  The tea is usually made from Chinese tea (gunpowder), sugar, boiling water and a lot of mint leaves.

In winters due to a shortage of mint leaves, tree wormwood is substituted. The tea is poured into the glasses from a height to make sure that loose tea leaves would settle down.

New Zealand: The small state of New Zealand loves to have a cup of tea. The favorite tea is branded tea such as PG Tips.

The Chinese teas are not only grown and consumed by them but also is exported. The nation has also developed the taste for green tea and herbal leaves tea.

Egypt: The Egyptians have great taste and Love for tea. The tea is served to guests as well. Egyptians would have a cup of tea with sugar and some might even pour milk in it. The tea is defiantly part of their lives and culture.

Most families would like to consume tea at night. After having their dinner, the families would sit down for a cup of tea.

Poland: The people of Poland are famous for their love for fruits and tea. Black tea is taken by most Polish people. The tea is usually served with lemons.

Polish would like to start a cold day with a warm cup of tea. Tea is also taken to cure an upset stomach and fight flu.

Japan: The Japanese tea culture is so famous that textbooks have been jotted down for it. Yes, you can find complete textbooks on Japanese tea culture! The two most favorite teas are Sencha and Matcha.

Match tea needs to be blended into powder before using for tea purpose, while Sencha is a tea leaf readily boiled in water for making tea. Tea is rarely complimented with sugar but most often served with meals.

Saudi Arabia: Last but definitely not the least is Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is the second largest tea consumer in the Arab world and 10th in the world.

The tea is served as a gesture of hospitality. The Saudis will take their cup of tea with sage, cardamom or mint yet there is no specific tea preparation method in Saudi Arabia.

Well, your taste does and does not depend upon the nation. You might be a great tea lover but your nation might not fall into the above categories. Nevertheless, enjoy your cup of tea! Tea time is a perfect time!

Source: The Tempest