Indian fake doctor infected 21 patients with HIV (AIDS)

A very saddening and terrible incident was reported from a small village in India. A fake doctor infected 21 of his patients with HIV reusing contaminated needles and syringes. This was reported on this Tuesday by a health official, Sushil Chaudhary.

It is indeed saddening and much more heartbreaking. This made me think that there is no humanity left in some people. They could harm people or even kill them for their benefit and this doctor did the same.

In the urge to save a few pennies he gave never-ending pain to 21 families. In India and many underdeveloped countries, peoples are used to hearing the news about fake doctors.

India’s health care system faces a massive shortage of good doctors and hospitals and it is basically reported from small towns and villages. If there are good hospitals with qualified doctors they are located far away from the villages and town.

Most of the qualified doctors prefer to travel to foreign countries to earn a better income. This opens the way to many fake doctors. It was reported that this doctor who was identified as Rajendra Yadav was treating the poor villagers for cough-cold and diarrhea at a very meager payment.

First HIV affected patient was detected in December 2017 when the health official set up their special medical camps to examine the poor villagers and they were shocked to see the result. Among 566 people 21 people were found to be HIV positive.

The affected said they haven’t seen Yadav changing the syringes to inject his patient. This was the reason that led the spread of HIV so immensely. The people said he would visit people on his bicycle and give an injection for almost every ailment.              

As soon as the HIV affected patients complaints about him he escaped from the spot and was able to flee and police are in search of him. This sudden spurt of HIV cases detected in December warned the state authorities.

The important part was that all the infected patients had taken injections from one person. It was reported by UNAIDS that 2.1 million Indian people were affected with HIV at the end of 2016 and among them, 9,100 were children under age 15.

It was also reported that over the past few years, India has registered a 20 percent annual decline in new infections.

Mehtab Alam, a project manager for Raza Hussain Memorial Charitable Trust, that works with HIV and AIDS patients in the region; said instead of using disposable syringes the fake doctors use glass syringes and one needle to inject hundreds of patients, this is the main cause of HIV.

He stressed that the villagers don’t care about their hygiene. He further said that HIV is transmitted through blood transfusion, reuse of infected needles and syringes, unprotected sex, or directly from mother to child.

It weakens the body's immune system, making it open to invite various infections. Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) can grow into Acquired immune deficiency virus (AIDS) which is a progressive failure of the immune system that leaves the body open to fatal diseases.

At last, I should say that we are grown up and mature now and most probably we are quite aware of the fatal diseases and its cause so we should try our best to save ourselves from these threatening diseases because it is well said Prevention is better than cure.

Source: ABC News

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