7 Useful clothing tricks and tips for every man should know

Not only women face difficulties in selecting dresses that would fit them perfectly, men also have wardrobe challenges. Men find it difficult to select pants that would be according to their size, they have issues in selecting shirts that would make them look decent and yes they have a problem in rolling up their sleeves.

Here we present those 7 useful clothing tricks and tips that would definitely make men’s life easy for perfectly dressing themselves up.

1-Tips for selecting a perfect shirt: Selecting a shirt that fits your body size was tough till now. Here are tips that men should know to grab a perfect shirt:

Check the shoulder seam – When you try a shirt and are confused if it’s perfect for you or not, always checks its shoulder seam. The seam shall rest on the shoulder, neither on the top nor falling below.

Check the buttons: Check the fitness of the shirt through buttons. If buttons are stretching, the shirt is not your type. Also, sit down and check the buttons. If buttons pull apart, the shirt is not according to your size.

Check the sleeves: Sleeves do matter; sleeves shall not be too short or too long. They shall end with the thumb dimple. Hang your sleeves and check them that they shall not fall short or long from thumb dimple.

2-Check if pant will fit you without trying it: Want to grab a pant that would fit your waist? Not in a mood to try a bunch of them and then selecting one?

No problem. If you are a person of average body size, then you can try this trick. Open up the pant and fit your wrist and elbow into the waistband. If it fits perfectly, the pant shall fit your waist.

3-Hanging trick for shirts: For hanging the shirt and not destroying its collar crease, always button up the top button. It will keep the crease in its place, would not place wrinkles and make sure that collar band is at its place.

4-The tip for the leather belt: Leather belts are prone to wrinkles and damage. So avoid coiling them and putting in draws. Always hang them and protect them from direct sunlight.

5-How to button up the jacket: The suit jackets and coats have three buttons at their front. And you should know how to button them, never button the third one, always button the second one while buttoning up the first one sometimes.

This is known as always, sometimes and never rules of buttons. Make sure to unbutton your jacket while you sit. We have also covered in detail an article related to Suit Rules.

6-Hang your pants flawlessly: Hanging up pants is troublesome: either the hanger marks are left or the pants fall off the hanger. Follow the Savile row fold for avoiding pants falling from hangers: 

7-The easy trick of rolling up sleeves: Rolling sleeves perfectly is a challenge: either the rolled sleeves look untidy or they unroll frequently. Here are easy steps to roll sleeves that look tidy and won’t unroll themselves:

  • Unbutton the unrolled sleeves
  • Roll the cuffs two widths above the cuff
  • Fold the bottom of cuffs upwards
  • Roll the sleeves one final time

Source: Beautiful Quotes

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