10 unusual demands by Saudi Brides in their Marriage Contracts

The modernization campaign led by the Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman has a great impact on the society in different ways. Women have started to get the rights they have long waited for such as being allowed to drive in the streets of Saudi Arabia.

This trend of modernization has led towards some very unusual demands of women to sign the marriage contract.

1-It is said that the ban on women for driving will be lifted in June 2018, therefore a woman demanded that her future husband should allow her to drive once the ban has been lifted, only then would she marry him.

2- A woman who is apparently a fan of football demanded that her husband should allow her to attend football matches after marriage.

3-There is a working class of woman who does not like being dependent on anyone. A woman with similar thinking wanted to make sure that her husband allows her to work late if the need arises.

Therefore she wanted the marriage contract to specifically state that she could continue on with her job after marriage.

4-Some women like to travel around the world with their friends and family and they do not want marriage to come between this. A woman stressed upon the fact that her husband should not mind her traveling with her girlfriends.

5-People have become so involved with their gadgets lately that they do not even want their life partners to use their smartphones. A woman put on the condition that the spouses should not use or check each other’s mobile or tablet.

The groom agreed to this condition and they signed the marriage contract. On another occasion, the woman wanted to put a condition that her husband would never ask for the password to her mobile.

6-A woman who market product on social media demanded that her husband should not stop her from doing this job after marriage.

7-A bride demanded that she wanted to live in a separate apartment and not with her in-laws as she was too young and feared that the in-laws would exploit her by making her work for them. The shocking part was that the husband accepted the demands.

8-A woman said that she would only marry the person who agrees to go abroad with her for her post-graduate studies.

9-The parents were no exception to this case as the father put in a condition that he should receive half of his daughter’s salary after the wedding.

10-In another case, the mother put in a condition that she should be allowed to visit and spend three days at her daughter’s house immediately after the wedding just to make sure that everything was going well for her daughter in the new house.

Source: Gulf News