Noura Ezza Fatairji – the first female veterinary doctor in Saudi Arabia

Women around the Globe are contributing in many fields and earning a good name in every field. No doubt to say that now in this present era, women are no less than men.

Even Saudi women, who face a conservative atmosphere, they are also not less than anyone, they too are fighting to come forward and participate in their desiring field.

We have read names of many Saudi women who were the first one to achieve in a special field in Saudi Arabia where no other woman has worked before.

Dona Al Ghamdi was the first one Saudi woman to become a female boxing champion and Mervat Bukhari who was a First Saudi female to run a gas station. Now comes a name of a Saudi woman Noura Ezza Fatairji who won the title of the first Saudi Woman Veterinarian.

It was not easy for her to achieve her goal easily. She fought many obstacles before achieving her goal. Noura Ezza Fatairji graduated from Jordan’s Science and Technology University in 2016 and got a Bachelor Degree in Veterinary medicines.

Later she moved to Bahrain and joined Al-Erain Wildlife Conservation where she learned how to treat wild animals. Two months ago, she was appointed by the Ministry of Agriculture under its Department for Animal Care.

Dr. Fatairji said, being a Veterinarian is more challenging than any other medical field because your patient cannot communicate with you and tell about their pain or bad health. The question arises from where she gets such inspiration to become a Veterinarian?

Dr. Fatairji said, as a child, I loved to watch wildlife documentaries and fell in love with this field and decided to become a veterinarian when I grew up.

She said her family was not very supportive with her decision and one main obstacle that came in her way to lead her goal was that there was no women college or university in the Kingdom that offers veterinary science as a major subject.

She said she had to travel to Jordan to pursue her dream. College time was a hard time but she was able to get through it with the help of her family and friends support.

Dr. Fatairji said she applied to the Custodian of the two Holy Mosque’s Foreign Scholarship Program for her Masters in this field but unfortunately she could not get it because it was just open for men.

She was happy to hear that King Faisal University in Al-Ahsa is going to open the field for women by 2019. As she said this is a good news for her. The Ministry of Agriculture has been very supportive of her as a woman veterinarian.

They offered her a job in the Livestock Department. She said, I also received a lot of offers from veterinary clinics in Riyadh.

I must say, she was a hardworking girl who fought the obstacles and achieved her goal and did not lose hope. In such cases, I have seen many people drop their goal.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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