Saudi Brother and Sister arrested for dancing on a street in Abha

A very peculiar incident occurred on the street in the city of Abha. A Saudi man and woman were seen dancing and people stood around to film them. This video was posted and went viral a week ago.

I too saw the video and was amazed to see them dancing alone in the street. There might be a solid reason behind this but that was not a suitable place for their celebration.

It is claimed that both the man and the woman were later arrested by the local authorities as their dance video went viral on social media. Earlier, a couple was arrested for dancing at Jeddah Water Front.

The fact that the arrest was connected to the video going viral on social media had quite an impact on the users and everyone had their say about it.

The incident also received the attention of Saudi Arabia’s Prince of Asir governorate, Faisal bin Khaled as he ordered an immediate investigation into this case.

The news of the arrest was confirmed by the head of Asir governorate’s media and communications office. It was also said that the man in the video claims that the woman dancing with him is his sister.

His story has not been confirmed yet but the investigation into the case and it will be soon referred to the public prosecution of the pair for the ultimate decision.  The people had different thoughts on social media and some applauded the authorities for arresting the pair.

The people had to say that even if the person was a guardian (mahram) to the woman they still had no right to come out on the street and dance because that is no way respectable and is totally against the traditions of this country.

There were some people who shared a different opinion and were actually angry at the fact that the authorities took action against the pair dancing in the street. They said it was every person’s right to have their personal freedom and what they did cause no harm to other people.

The only mistake they made was that they did it in a society that just blows everything out of proportion.  The people also expressed their anger on the fact that the pair had not committed such a serious crime that they should be arrested.

Some people said that the society needs to get its fact straight about the things that are right and wrong and they need to draw a line between them. They said that the society should stop being biased.

We are not aware of the entire incident, authorities are investigating and the fact behind the video will be revealed soon. As a resident of Saudi Arabia, I don’t need to own the culture and society of Saudi Arabia but at least respect it.

We know that Saudi culture does not allow us to be so bold in expressing our joy. Please respect the cultural norms to avoid any trouble while living in Saudi Arabia.

Source: Khalijiya

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