Force private companies to increase salaries of Saudi workers

The private sector in any country is well known for making their employees work for long hours while not giving them enough money or other benefits.

In the private sector jobs are not stable and are mostly less paid without many benefits as compared to the government jobs which provide much greater benefits to the employee and have considerable working hours.

Most of the private sector employs cheap labor (mostly expatriates) and do not pay them enough which leaves them distraught and makes things very difficult on a day to day basis for them.

On top of this, the private sector does not offer any benefits to their employees as compared to the public sector employees who take advantage of the greater benefits that they are offered with. This makes the people’s interest bend towards jobs in the public sector.

What needs to be done is that the private sector which does not provide their employees with added benefits need to take this matter seriously and give them benefits in parallel with the employees of the public sector.

Moreover, it should be kept in check that the employees are being paid according to the increasing expenses. The private sector continues to make lame excuses upon this matter and the initiative taken by them has not yielded any good outcome.

It is therefore high time for the government to take this matter into their own hands. The government should devise a system which would enforce the private sector to increase the salaries of their employees and also give them the same benefits that the employees of the public sector receive.

A way in which this could be achieved is that the government gives all the private sector employees the benefits in parallel to the public sector employees and then reimburse this money by enforcing a tax upon the private company.

This action is by no means unjustified but is rather a step in the right direction as the society benefits from it.  The matter is very serious as now the university graduates will target the government jobs due to its benefits but the government cannot supply so many jobs to the people.

This matter will become even more grieve with the passage of time if it is not looked upon right now. The people would be forced to finally accept the rather cheap packages of the private sector and live a life of utter disappointment even after working so hard.

Thanks to Nitaqat Program, Saudi employees are still well in demand in Saudi Arabia despite lower economic movement. Saudi employees are still paid way better than expatriate employees but it will be wrong to draw any comparison between two.

The fact of the matter is that most of the Saudi employees are still not able to manage their house expenses with the level of income they receive from the private sector companies.

Especially after Article 77 of Saudi Labor Law, they have been consistently under threat of being terminated due to any issue.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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