Arrest the expat couple who danced at Jeddah Waterfront – Prince Khaled

A Philipino couple dancing at Jeddah Waterfront

Love knows no boundaries and many people proved this. Very recently an Expat in Saudi Arabia presented a marriage proposal to his Girlfriend in a unique style.

He was filmed by the Crowd at Jeddah Waterfront and someone posted his video on social media and it went viral.

In that video, we can see an Asian expat proposed his girlfriend for marriage at Jeddah Corniche. We can see him dancing and approaching his girlfriend who is surprised and went emotional.

The man then bent down on his knees and ask her for marriage in front of the public who gathered there to enjoy the scenery and see his dance. I think this is the first time it happened in Saudi Arabia. I have not heard such incident happened before in Saudi Arabia.

4181 Arrest the expat couple who danced and hugged at Jeddah Waterfront – Prince Khaled

Everyone at Jeddah Waterfront was surprised

Everyone might be surprised because such scenes are mostly seen in movies or dramas and reality is quite different from this. But in Jeddah, it was neither a movie plot nor any other entertainment shooting.

It was real and most people appreciated it and they were surprised too to see such a unique way of proposing in the conservative Kingdom. I was also surprised and shocked to see the proposal video because as I know this type of activities in public are overall not allowed in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia adheres to strict Islamic Laws

Exposing your personal relation like hugging and proposing your girlfriend is against Islam and not allowed in Saudi Arabia. This was indeed a happy occasion but it too caused a stir in Saudi Social media.

Many said the boy stood against the Law of Saudi Arabia and he should be held accountable for his deed. While many went opposite on the saying of violating the Law and stood with the boy saying that there is nothing wrong or upsetting.

Some loved the idea of his proposal and prayed for their happiness as well as congratulated them and said people who don’t like the video should stop commenting on the video.

Prince Khalid ordered to arrest the Couple

But as I said Saudi Arabia is an Islamic Country and they don’t allow such type of activities in public. This is true. As soon as the video went Viral, the Amir of Makkah, Prince Khalid Al-Faisal ordered to arrest the couple who performed an unethical act in Public.

It was reported by the local media that the couple was Filipino. I should say that some places are not suitable for some activities just like proposing a girlfriend openly in public is not considered a suitable place in Saudi Arabia land.

Being expats, we should respect the Saudi Culture and Traditions

Every religion and country holds its own norms and value and this immoral act was totally against the norms of Saudi Arabia.

Not only are the natives of the country but also the expat are quite aware of the Saudi tradition and culture and Islamic rules. Islam doesn’t allow such immoral acts in public.

Saudi Culture and Traditions are something about which expatriates are told and educated by fellow expatriates as soon as they enter the country, I don't see any reason to go against them for amusement.