H&M has been selling socks with word Allah written on them

The belief of a person, whatever religion they commit to, is sacred and respectful. No religious person can withstand the insult of their creator and their leaders. For us Muslims, Allah and the Prophets have the highest ranks and we would never let anyone disrespect them.

H&M, a Swedish multinational clothing-retail company which is known for its trendy fashion made a huge mistake recently. The retail giant had socks printed with a pattern which resembled the word “Allah” written in Arabic.

The pattern was supposedly a Lego figure holding jackhammer but the problem was that when the figure was turned upside down it looked like “Allah” written in Arabic.

Some customers who bought these socks realized this when they had a closer look and they reported the issue to H&M’s customer service. But what made the matter more pressing was the attention it got on social media.

The pictures went viral and some people were totally outraged and accused the company of insulting Islam and other religions. Some people thought that it was a coincidence and that the matter should not be dealt with like this.

People said that it does not make any sense why they would print Allah along with a drill and a Lego figure but some thought otherwise. They said that the company was careless and it was ignorant of them to let this happen.

People thought that it was disrespectful towards Islam and action should be taken against them.

H&M recalled their entire Lego-themed socks stock after the heavy criticism it had to face and issued an apology saying that the aim of the company is to provide products that the customer would appreciate.

They said that the print on the sock represented a Lego figurine and any other thing it might have resembled was a complete coincidence. They also apologized to the people who were offended by the pattern due to its resemblance to the word “Allah”.

Another argument arises after H&M was accused of racism after they used a black child as a model for a hoodie with the slogan “coolest monkey in the jungle” printed on it.

Apart from being racist the advertisement was call offensive, disrespectful and inappropriate and triggered an outrage against the company.

Many people boycotted the retail-giant after this incident. Yet again the company apologized to the people who were offended and recalled the entire stock of hoodies which were presented in the advertisement.

Source: Independent

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