How to transfer credit (balance) from Zain to international numbers? India, Pakistan, Philippines

The Zain telecom service allows its users to transfer the balance to international numbers. Now people far off can help out each other by sending credit to them-No only you can share balance with people on Saudi Arabia but also outside Saudi Arabia.

So if you have your loved ones out of Saudi Arabia and you wish to send them credit as a kind gesture or they are in some emergency, so surely can by following these steps.

If you want to transfer credit or balance from one Zain number to another Zain number, you need to look into this guide – Transfer Credit balance from Zain to Zain

Procedure to transfer credit (balance) from Zain to international numbers: If you wish to send credit from Zain to any international number than follow these steps:

1-You need to dial *111*mobile number of the recipient*the amount you want to transfer to SAR followed by a hash button. The message will look like this *111*00923101716889*2#

After typing this code, you need to press the dial button on your mobile screen.

2-A new message will appear on your mobile screen confirming the amount you want to transfer and stating the amount the recipient will get in the respective currency. As you can see in the below screenshot, the recipient will get PKR 35 for SR 2 in Pakistan.

You need to press reply button and write 1 for confirmation. If you don’t want to proceed, just dismiss the transaction by clicking on the dismiss button.

3-A few moments later the following message will appear on your screen. “Thank you. We are currently processing your request. A confirmation SMS will be sent to you when we are done.”

4-After a few minutes, you will receive an SMS from Zain that your transaction has been successful and the mentioned account has been topped up with the amount.

5-Now you can contact the recipient in his/her country to check if the amount has been transferred to his mobile account.

Terms and Conditions to transfer credit (balance) from Zain to international numbers

1-Balance transfer service is available for prepaid customers only.

2-For sharing balance, one must have sufficient credit in their account.

3-You can transfer a maximum amount of SR 150 per day. Overall amount you transfer cannot exceed SR 450 per last 30 days.

4-One can only send balance between 2 to 50 SR in a single transaction

5-There is no tariff charged for international balance transfer from Zain

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