Riyadh Police arrested 5 people on SR 40 million fake US Dollar Scam

I have always heard the about Saudi police efficiency and keenness in their work and they always stood successfully highlighting any crime and catching the offenders and once again they have proved that this is the right thing to say about them.

The Riyadh police were successful in uncovering a major fraud on Friday. The police caught a gang of 5 people which consisted of 3 Saudi citizens and 2 residents (a Yemeni and an Eritrean) who were planning to buy fake dollars for SR 40 million.

The police said that the arrest of these people was possible due to the “A nation without violators” campaign, which emphasizes on tracking and arresting those who break the laws of residency and work regulations, border security and the monitoring of suspects such as the gangs trading in fake currency and to capture them.

Under the campaign, the police had planted secret agents to monitor the gang’s activities. The police made their move when they received the information that someone offered SR 40 million to buy fake US dollars, the police also received the time and location at which the involved parties had planned to meet.

Therefore, on Friday, the police caught the gang of 5 at a villa, west of Riyadh. On capturing the gang, the police thought that they had also caught the SR 40 million that the gang was allegedly carrying, but this was not true.

The police only found SR 12,000, as the gang had stacked the notes on top of cardboard which was then wrapped up to resemble bank notes. This money was kept in four separate boxes and all notes were of SR 500.

Although the police did not seize SR 40 million and are not yet sure why the gang had only SR 12000 on them, the thing worth pointing out is that they had actively and successfully carried out an operation against a gang who are violators and harm the country.

The Ministry of the interior is doing a good job in keeping an eye out for all kinds of corruption and illegal activities going on at a small and large scale. This shows that the Ministry is doing its best to keep the community safe from the risk of instability.

It is also keeping the community out of harms’ way by capturing the corrupt before they carry out their plans and affect the society. To see such determination and goodwill in the concerned departments is, without doubt, a proud and heat touching moment for every person living in the Kingdom.

We have already shared in an earlier post that there are strict punishments and penalties on the people and gangs involved in fake currency in Saudi Arabia.

Source: Al Arabiya

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