It is Haram for women to watch football match because of players’ thighs – Saudi Scholar

A Saudi cleric said Sheikh Saad Al Hajari, the ex-head of religious edicts in Assir Governorate Saudi Arabia stressed on a statement during a religious sermon a few years back, that it is Haram (unacceptable) for Muslim women to watch a football match on television.

His religious sermon footage was uploaded on YouTube in 2015 but it resurfaced on social media last week and went viral because it was a controversial topic to think and talk about it as Muslim take the sayings of Clerics and scholars of Islam very seriously.

The reason behind this statement is shocking and unbelievable for many people. He said while watching Football match the women eyes may get attracted to the player's thighs because the players wear shorts while playing football.

He said it is sinful for women to see men thighs, arms or their tight clothing. This is the statement said by the cleric in the footage that recently went viral.

What's the point of women watching football matches? What is the benefit of that? There is no benefit. They'll be looking at footballers' thighs and all their attention will be on that. They wouldn't even care about the competition or scores.

Moreover, this was not enough, he also criticized the husbands who allow their women to watch such games where players are said to be in improper clothing. The words said for the husbands by the cleric are as follow;

Do you have no shame? Do you not fear God? You let her watch this kind of things. People are shocked by his statement. Not only women but men too were shocked.

For women, they just watch a football match and take it as a game rather than pondering over their dressing they ponder over the scores gained by their favorite team. it is just a recreation game and nothing else.

It Is true that some women might get attracted to some players but it is not by their short or tight dressing or their naked thighs or arm. Those who wanted to get attract they can get attract by any mean, but mostly they get attracted by their performance.

People are understandably shocked and outraged by the saying of this cleric and say this type of people are a self-proclaimed cleric and he is worse in his rhetoric. While some said these type of cleric defame our religion.

Last year the same cleric controversial saying sparked outrage when his footage saying “women should not be allowed to drive because they have a quarter of a brain went viral.

No doubt to say that these type of saying, uttered people, frustration and they said other people have modernized themselves and we are still fighting for Halal and Haram.

I must say, we should stop determining what is Halal or what is Haram? Our Holy Prophet PBUH provided us with total knowledge by gifting us two sources AL-QUR’AN and AHADITH.

As per my limited knowledge, the area between navel and knee for men is considered Satr for Men. It is Haram for men to show this area to anyone and it is Haram for men and women both to see this area.