Boy who filmed traffic accident to be fined SR 3 million with 5 Years Jail

Nowadays people are addicted to take pictures or make videos. People love to take pictures of everything near them and this has become a habit or trend. No one can stop our young generation from following the trend.

Taking your own video is something understood but sometimes we go against the rule and film or take pictures of some unusual actions that might hurt someone.

A similar incident happened in Saudia Arabia, where a boy filmed a bloody traffic accident on the highway of Madina city.  The boy filmed the injured victims and crashed cars and posted it on social media.

The video of the traffic accident soon went viral and Saudi Twitter users demanded the trial of the person who filmed the accident by launching a hashtag on Sunday called the trial of the person that filmed and shared that video that contained graphics and unethical content.

According to the electronic newspaper Sabq, the accident happened near the province of Aqlat Al-Suqoor near Al-Qassim on the road to Madina when the car of seven young Saudis was hit by an Indian expatriate car.

It caused the death of four people including an Indian expat and four were injured and shifted to Qassim hospital. In Saudi Arabia, it is taken as a crime to film or capture pictures of a traffic accident.

It is banned in the Kingdom to shoot any mishap on the streets and roads, that mishap includes deaths, bloodshed, and injuries. It is banned because that is not the appropriate place and time to shoot anything.

The boy who filmed the bloody accident will too have to face trial and heavy punishment that can reach up to five years jail and fine up to SR3 million.

It was said that this punishment would be carried out if any one of the relatives of the victim or the injured person files a lawsuit against him for filming the accident or if the Public Prosecution summons the boy and refer him to trial after the investigation.

A Saudi researcher who is specialized in media, Majed Al-Ghamdi said, People are used to taking photos and videos of anything unusual including their unusual special meal, nice outfits or any incident that may not happen on a daily basis and car accidents too include an unusual thing.

He further stressed that the other reason for filming and taking pictures is that there is a growing obsession with getting something exclusive so they go viral on social media.

Social media has made every single individual a journalist. Saudi Arabia has launched a very good Cybercrime law and these incidents should be faced with the law. Such laws also need regular updates to fit such cases.

Al Ghamdi further explained that public awareness should be increased and he believes that it noticeably increases when the public makes campaigns to reflect the awareness about the importance of privacy and respect.

The public has become more evaluative about the content shared on social media and this is indeed a good sign.

Source: Arab News

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